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Contacts by institution
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Labrador, Miguel
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
(813) 974-3260
Lander, Arthur
Professor, Developmental and Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering
(949) 824-1721
Lang, Amy
(205) 348-1622
Lanza, Janet
(479) 569-3500
LaPrade, Christopher
Principal Investigator, IREU
1 202-872-6365
Leslie-Pelecky, Diandra
Professor, Physics
(304) 293-5032
Li, Guoqiang
(225) 771-2525
Licurse, Mark
Director of Education at LRSM
(215) 898-6461
Liu, Chen-Ching
Liuag, Helena
Project Manager
Lobo, Niels
Trustee, Chair, Professor
(407) 823-2873
Lohrey, Laurel
Coordinator Testing, Training & Outreach
(330) 972-8178
Lopez, Gustavo
Outreach and Education Programs co-Director
Lorenz, Robin
DIrector, UAB SIBS
(205) 934-0676
Lupo, Stephanie
Program Coordinator
(805) 893-8334
Lutz, Robert
Chief and Chemical Engineer, Drug Delivery and Kinetics, Laboratory of Bioengineering and Physical Science, National Institute
(301) 435-1944

Featured Program!

Training Program in Integrative Developmental Process

The Develop- mental Training Grant in Integrative Develop- mental Process is focused on understanding mechanisms of change in human development and provides training in cutting-edge multimodal methods in computational analyses, and modeling and in theoretical approaches that integrate multiple levels of analysis in the study of development. The program supports 3 postdoctoral and 5 predoctoral trainees in a broader community of 18 research laboratories.  Click here to learn more and apply!

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