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Karowe, David
Professor of Ecology
(734) 763-4461
Khaligh, Alireza
(301) 405-8985
Khine, Michelle
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
(949) 824-4051
Kiser, Lee-Ann
Klotz, Leidy
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(864) 656-3326
Knowlton, Audrey
Program Director, Biological Sciences Graduate Diversity Program; Amgen Scholars Program
(510) 642-5113
Kohn, Joachim
Professor Director, NJ Center for Biomaterials
(732) 445-0488
Krause, Miriam
Director of Education and Outreach

Featured Program!

T32 Postdoctoral Training Program: Translational Research in Regenerative Medicine

The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials at Rutgers University offers an informal career development pathway for outstanding young scientists who are interested in tenure-track academic positions, but require more training in leading science teams, proposal writing, developing leadership skills, and in authoring high-impact publications. This position allows scientists to obtain independent research support and to lead a research group. Click here to learn more and apply!

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