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Mentoring Manual

Seeking personal support during your placement

The pressures of academic requirements, performing in an unfamiliar environment, navigating new relationships, can all contribute to personal stress. Because your personal well-being is essential to your performance and experience in all other areas, try not to neglect this aspect of yourself during your placement. While mentors can assist you in dealing with the professional and scholarly aspects of these kinds of pressures (wth time management strategies, for example), they may not be best suited to help you process the feelings you may have that arise from those pressures. Friends, family members and home institution mentors with whom you have established closer personal bonds can be important supporters of your emotional being during the placement. Also, remember that many institutions have mental health support as part of their health centers - don't hesitate to utilize those services to get the primary or supplemental personal support you may need,


Download just the Undergrad section of the manual to share with peers and colleagues