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Mentoring Manual

Finding a program

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Things to think about when considering applying to a program

The first step in finding a program that is right for you involves thinking about your short and long term goals, as well as your personal needs. Identifying some of these at the start will help you form the questions you will want to ask program personnel. The program features listed in the "Programmatic best practices" section of this guide will also help you to evaluate each program's offerings as you decide where to apply.

Also, consider the more mundane but important aspects of the program like locale, stipend and time of year. Details about this and more information can be found in the "Resource Toolboxes" of IBP's Undergraduate Resources and Graduate Resources web pages.

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Where to look for programs

To find particular programs, try these sources:

  • Pathways to Science: Search for programs by location discipline and more, or search by institution to see what programs and resources are offered at your institution of choice.
  • Refer to IBP's How to Search for a Program guide as well as other related resources on our Undergraduate Resources or Graduate Resources web pages.
  • Reach out to your social networks and their families to gather suggestions and experiences about programs others may have attended.
  • Talk to faculty and advisors in the departments at your school that related to the kind of work that interests you.

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If you are recruited….

Do your research, ask the program for references by previous students, revisit your own short and long term goals and needs to help you assess your choices.

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