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Summer Research Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate and High School Students

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Academic Level:
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High School Students
Undergraduates - First Year
Undergraduates - Sophomore
Undergraduates - Junior
Undergraduates - Senior

Quest Progrm Topics include:

- Binding affinity simulations of PLK receptors and small molecules: Students will learn about physiological pathways that polo-like kinases are involved in the human body and their relation to cancer proliferation. They will use molecular mechanics-based or machine learning-based methods to determine the binding affinity of select small molecules to receptors.

- Identification of novel natural products for PLK1 inhibition: Students will learn about molecular docking and its applications. Then, they will utilize docking to identify small molecules with therapeutic potential in PLK1 inhibition, which is implicated in cancer biology. This project will specifically focus on screening natural product databases.

- Molecular dynamics simulations of PLK-small receptor binding: Students will learn about Visual Molecular Dynamics and NAMD software for molecular simulations. They will utilize molecular dynamics simulations with advanced sampling to determine the binding affinity of select natural products to PLK receptors to determine their inhibitory properties.

- Designing New Cryptosystems: Implementation in Python Programming Language: Cryptography is the science of secure communication; In the past, cryptography was mainly used for military applications. Nowadays, cryptography provides most of the methods for secure online communications that require privacy/security such as emails, bank transactions, voting systems, and Bitcoins. In this project, students will first learn about several classical cryptosystems, including the Substitution, the Permutation, the Rail-fence, and the RSA ciphers, and design new cryptosystems, implement them, investigate their strengths/weakness, and present findings.

All summer research internships at Quest are at no charge to all participating students. Additionally, we are able to provide research stipends in the form of fellowships to eligible students.

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