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Mentoring Manual

Ongoing mentoring relationships

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After the program

You are an important resource and connection for students as they continue their educational and professional development. You can have a very significant impact by continuing to keep in touch after the student completes the placement. It is recommended that you maintain a professional role.

It is important for you and for the student to develop long term professional relationships. You can help by sending occasional e-mails asking how the student is doing. Update the student on how the work has progressed or was used after they finished. Let the student know about other interesting work that you see. Check in on progress in regards to investigating and applying for graduate schools. Once a student has entered graduate school, continue to stay in contact for example, providing advice from your own experience as a graduate student, or arranging a meeting at a conference you may both be attending.

Include students in your own professional network. For example, if you are talking with some of the experts in your field, invite the former student over and introduce them. Helping former mentees develop their professional networks is a great way to continue to mentor and to strengthen your own network.

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