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STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in Epidemiology.

Contacts associated with programs in Epidemiology

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
Brown University
Daly, Jennifer
Brown University<br><br>Program Manager

Carnegie Mellon University
Gulish, Thom
Carnegie Mellon University<br><br>Graduate Programs Coordinator
(412) 268-2474

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
Seacrist, Tom
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia<br><br>Training Director

Columbia University
Adams, Corey
Columbia University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Herrera, Justine
Columbia University<br><br>Assist Director, Academic Programs
(212) 305-2271

Ostrowski, Samantha
Columbia University<br><br>Program Manager

Fordham University
Perrone, Alissa
Fordham University<br><br>CSUR Program Coordinator/ Assistant Director

Wehr, John
Fordham University<br><br>Professor
(718) 817-0534

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Anderson, Jennifer
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Coordinator, Public Health Sciences Division
(206) 667-4617

Drennan, Marilyn
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Program Assistant

Louie, Stephanie
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Program Assistant
(206) 667-6697

Harvard Medical School
Kilicci-Kret, Pinar
Harvard Medical School<br><br>Program Manager
(617) 432-1083

McCarthy, Ellen
Harvard Medical School<br><br>Associate Professor of Medicine
(617) 432-7212

Harvard University
Johnson, Betty
Harvard University<br><br>Assistant Dean for Faculty and Staff Diversity, Development and Leadership
(617) 432-1809

John A. Logan College
Barko, Valerie
John A. Logan College<br><br>Dean for Academic Affairs
(618) 985-8238

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ricks, Irelene
Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology<br><br>Director of Diversity, Life Sciences
970 262-2669

Maine Medical Center
Bergst, Elisabeth
Maine Medical Center<br><br>Program Coordinator, Research Institute
(207) 396-8145

Medical College of Wisconsin
Angone, Kelly
Medical College of Wisconsin<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Perez, Anthony
Medical College of Wisconsin<br><br>Director-SPUR
(414) 955-4402

Medical University of South Carolina
Brown-Guion, Stephanie
Medical University of South Carolina<br><br>Director, MUSC Summer Programs
(843) 876-2408

Meharry Medical College
Stewart, LaMonica
Meharry Medical College<br><br>Associate Professor/Program Director

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Lewis, Shireen
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Morehouse College
Slaughter, Jamel
Morehouse College<br><br>Program Manager
(404) 653-7860

Trawick, Cynthia
Morehouse College<br><br>Director, Public Health Sciences Institute
(404) 653-7860

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Fisher, Paula
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)<br><br>Program Administrator
(303) 497-1328

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Blatch, Sydella
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Predoc and Postdoc Program Manager (NIAID)
301 761-7845

Cadet, Jean
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Chief, Molecular Neuropsychiatry Section, National Institute of Drug Abuse
(410) 550-2953

Soucy, Kathryn
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Director of Training, NIAID
301 761-6999

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Kisailus, Adam
Roswell Park Cancer Institute<br><br>Program Director, Department of Educational Affairs

Shawnee Community College
Armstrong, Lori
Shawnee Community College<br><br>Life Science Instructor
(618) 634-3313

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Renzaglia, Karen
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale<br><br>McNair Director, Bridges to the Doctorate
(618) 453-3229

State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo
Marshall, Liz
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Program Coordinator
(716) 829-5219

Pumphrey, Graham
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>iSEED Senior Coordinator

Rajnarayanan, Rajendram
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Professor
(716) 829-2130

University of California, Berkeley
Goldstein, Joshua
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Professor
(510) 643-1270

Lawton, Leora
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Executive Director, Berkeley Population Ctr
(510) 643-1270

University of California, Los Angeles
Moore, Janell
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Program Coordinator

Richter, India
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>University of California, Los Angeles
(310) 825-6094

University of Cincinnati
Weber, Sharon
University of Cincinnati<br><br>SURF Program Coordinator
(513) 558-5625

University of Georgia
Drake, John
University of Georgia<br><br>Professor
(706) 583-5539

Silletti, Andrea
University of Georgia<br><br>Program Assistant
(706) 583-5538

University of Iowa
Barajas, Richard
University of Iowa<br><br>Administrative Director

Jensen, Jessica
University of Iowa<br><br>Program Secretary

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Johnson, Justine
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Associate Director, Meyerhoff Graduate Program

Summers, Michael
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Professor, Chemistry and BioChemistry

University of Michigan
Barald, Katherine
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Director & Professor
(734) 647-3376

Valdez, Yvonne
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Coordinator
(734) 647-5773

University of Pennsylvania
Diaz Vazquez, Arnaldo
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Director, Recruitment and Special Programs

Murray, Carol
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>REU Site Project Coordinator, Center for Injury Research and Prevention
(267) 426-1235

University of Rochester
Oi, Eleanor
University of Rochester<br><br>Director of Diversity Programming

Simpson-Haidaris, Patricia
University of Rochester<br><br>Associate Professor of Medicine-Pulmonary, Microbiology & Immunology, and Pathology
(585) 276-3000

Thurston, Sally
University of Rochester<br><br>Associate Professor
(585) 275-2406

University of Tampa
Jackson, Charles
University of Tampa<br><br>Project Manager

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lenhart, Suzanne
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>Professor, Mathematics
(865) 974-4270

Sturner, Kelly
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Cameron, Carrie
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Associate Director
(713) 794-1476

Chang, Shine
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Director of Program
(713) 563-3573

Lewis, Kava
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Education Coordinator
(713) 563-9670

University of Texas, Austin
Huddleston, Melissa
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Administrative Manager

University of Utah
Holsti, Maija
University of Utah<br><br>Director
(801) 662-1000

Willie, Scott
University of Utah<br><br>NARI program coordinator

University of Virginia
Richardson, Jeanita
University of Virginia<br><br>Professor

Steen, Amber
University of Virginia<br><br>International Programs Coordinator
(434) 243-6383

University of Washington
Stepanova-Pednekar, Smita
University of Washington<br><br>INSIGHT Internship Supervisor

Sterry, Trina
University of Washington<br><br>Program Manager
(206) 616-4177

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Byers, Shannon
Vanderbilt University Medical Center<br><br>Program Manager
(615) 936-0808

Kennedy, Nan
Vanderbilt University Medical Center<br><br>MAGEC Program Coordinator

Washington State University
Abu-Lail, Nehal
Washington State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Ivory, Cornelius
Washington State University<br><br>Professor

Washington University School of Medicine
Felton, Michele
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Program Coordinator

Fisher, Nick
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Director of Operations, Siteman Cancer Center

Kalkan, Adisa
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Project Manager

Neeley, Kyle
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Sr. Research Administrator

Piccirillo, Jay
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Director
(314) 362-4342

Schreier, Linda
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>PRIDE-CGE Program Administrator
(314) 362-1565