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Pathways to Engineering

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Contacts by institution
» Contacts by alphabetical listing

Cadenhead, Charita
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Program Coordinator, School of Natural Science & Mathematics
(205) 975-8076
Calnan, Kimberly
Harvard University
Program Administrator
617) 495-3192
Camesano, Terri
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Professor, Chemical Engineering
(508) 831-5380
Camp, Tracy
Colorado School of Mines
Professor, Computer Science
303 /384-2184
Campbell, Andrew
Brown University
Associate Professor of Medical Sciences
Campos, Nicole
California State University, Sacramento
Project Manager, CSU-LSAMP
(916) 278-6519
Carey, Kim
University of Cincinnati
Coordinator, Special Programs & Projects
Carroll, Sarah
University of Southern California
Coordinator for Postdoc & Graduate Student Professional Development
(310) 825-3819
Casey, Carol
California Institute of Technology
Director, Student- Faculty Programs
Cass, Leah
Chatham University
Admissions Counselor
Castaneda, Sam
University of California, Berkeley
Director, Visiting Scholar & Postdoc Affairs
(510) 643-9681
Castranova, Vincent
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
Chief, Pathology and Physiology Branch
(304) 285-6032
Cech, Thomas
University of Colorado, Boulder
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
(303) 492-8606
Celaya, Michael
Colorado State University
Professor, Engineering
(303) 492-2558
Champ, Sandee
Missouri University of Science and Technology
(573) 341-4543
Chang, Shih-Fu
Columbia University
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(212) 854-6894
Chaudhry, Hanif
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
(803) 777-8318
Chen, Chien-fei
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Communications/Outreach Coordinator
(865) 974-3787
Chen, Donna
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Chhowalla, Manish
Rutgers University
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
(732) 445-5619
Chiharu, Sako
University of Pennsylvania
Administrative Assistant
Chon, Ki
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
(508) 831-4114
Christensen, Cody
South Dakota State University
Camp Coordinator
(605) 688-6291
Christensen, Kenneth
University of South Florida
(813) 974-4761
Christian, Alan
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Environ Scie Program Director
(617) 287-6639
Christian, Susan
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Assist Director-CEED
(540) 231-3973
Christine, Melissa
Boston University
AGEP ADmin/UROP Manager
(617) 353-2020
Chudler, Eric
University of Washington
(206) 616-6899
Claydon, Fritz
University of Houston, Downtown
Dr., REU Program Director
Coil, Kathie
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Faculty, Astronomy
(520) 318-8230
Coit, Sandy
University of New Hampshire
Colehour, Rene
Vanderbilt University
Administrative Assistant
(615) 322-1289
Coleman, Linda
Villanova University
Assoc Directir for Multicultural Affairs
(610) 519-4074
Coleman, Todd
University of California, San Diego
Assistant Director for diversity at the NSF Center for Science of information
(858) 534-8207
Colen, Charles
University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff
Chair, Math Sciences + Technology
(870) 575-7165
Collins, Aubrae
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
DITI Program Coordinator
(704) 687-8954
Combi, Michael
University of Michigan
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
(734) 764-7226
Connell, Carolyn
Westminster College
Camp Director
(801) 832-2402
Connell, Terry
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo
Admissions Director
(716) 645-2977
Connolly, Margaret
Northwestern University
Outreach Coordinator, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center
(847) 467-4862
Connors, Shahnjayla
Washington University
Asst. Director of Outreach, The Genome Institute
(314) 286-1803
Cook, Diane
Washington State University
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(509) 335-4985
Cook-Chennault, Kimberly
Rutgers University
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
(732) 445-0429
Coons, Doug
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Graduate Admissions Secretary
(618) 453-6496
Cooper, Rory
University of Pittsburgh
Professor, Rehabilitative Science and Technology, Faculty, Assistive Technology IGERT
(412) 365-4831
Coppola, Brian
University of Michigan
Professor, Chemistry
(734) 764-7329
Corbitt, Stephanie
University of Rochester
Summer Scholars Coordinator
(585) 275-2933
Cortez, Anita
Kansas State University
Administrative Director, Developing Scholars Program
(785) 532-5864
Coy, Kim
Kansas State University
Administrative Specialist
(785) 532-1612
Coyne, Elizabeth
University of California, Berkeley
Program Director, Biological Sciences Graduate Diversity Program; Amgen Scholars Program
(510) 642-5113
Craig, Sarah
Smith College
Director, Nondegree Programs
(413) 585-2165
Cranor, Lorrie
Carnegie Mellon University
Professor, Computer Science; Electrical Engineering and Public Policy
(412) 268-7534
Crichigno, Jorge
Northern New Mexico College
Associate Professor, Engineering
Cuhel, Russell
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Ocean Sciences Meeting Support for OCE REU Students
(414) 382-1711
Cukier, Michel
University of Maryland, College Park
Associate Professor
(301) 314-2804
Curtis, Paulette
University of Notre Dame
Faculty Director of Undergraduate and Pre-College Programs and the AnBryce Scholars Initiative, Concurrent Instructor in Anthropology
(574) 631-0188

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