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Interdisciplinary Research Geologist/Biologist

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Academic Level:
Postdoc & Early Career

Three postdoctoral research opportunities available at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. These full-time temporary appointments require a PhD and are each renewable for up to three years upon satisfactory performance. We are hiring one position in each of the following three areas:

(1) Life and Minerals - study sedimentary sequences that span the time of the Great Oxidation Event (around ~2.3 billion years ago) to identify magnetofossils, or other fossil evidence of iron-biomineralizing microorganisms,

(2) Continents - use the trace element and isotopic compositions of ancient rocks and minerals to investigate the evolution of the early Earth and the onset of modern-style plate tectonics, and

(3) Oceans - conduct petrologic and mineralogical study of aqueously-altered carbonaceous chondrites and samples returned by the OSIRIS-REx mission to understand their history and the potential to deliver water to early Earth.

Applicants should include: (1) a cover letter expressing their interest and applicability for the position; (2) their curriculum vitae (CV); (3) names and contact information for three referees; (4) a research statement; (5) a statement of how the candidate will enhance the diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusivity of the Museum; and (6) any other qualifications the candidate sees as relevant to the position.

Participating Institution(s):
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Smithsonian Institution (Lead)

Program Materials:
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Academic Disciplines:
Geological Sciences

Magnetic Materials
Mineral Science

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Page last updated 8/21/2023
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