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University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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Anderson-Thompkins, Sibby
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs
(919) 962-9982
Arnold, Nicole
Program Director
Brandt, Patrick
Director of Science, Training & Diversity
(919) 843-9342
Braunstein, Miriam
(919) 966-5051
Cook, Jeanette
Associate Dean for Graduate Education
(919) 843-3867
Freeman, Ashalla
Director of Diversity Affairs & the Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity
(919) 843-9597
Hall, Joshua
Director of PREP
Harrell, Jessica
Director-SOLAR Program
(919) 843-1570
Peifer, Mark
1 (919) 962-2271
Pruitt, Jennifer
Program Coordinator
(919) 962-9982
Ragland, Debra
Robinson, Donita
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Rybarczyk, Brian
Associate Dean
(919) 962-2505