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University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts from University of Michigan.

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Barald, Katherine
Program Director & Professor
(734) 647-3376
Beard, Shawn
Research Associate, ADVANCE Program
Christoff, Bethany
Executive Secretary
(734) 764-1443
Deng, Hui
Dotson, Cherie
(734) 615-6562
Duda, Tom
Director of the Frontiers MS program
(734) 764-2358
Green, Ashley
Program Coordinator
(734) 936-3296
Griffey, Kayla
Admin/Project Coordinator
Grosky, Sara
REU Administrator
(734) 763-6722
Jackson, Trachette
Math Professor
(734) 764-8537
Karowe, David
Professor of Ecology
(734) 763-4461
Laramore-Josey, Kafi
Program Manager-Doris Duke Scholarship
Lichtenstein, Rich
Professor, Public Health
(734) 936-1316
Marsik, Frank
Associate Research Scientist
(734) 763-5369
Merchant, Juanita
Professor of Internal Medicine
(734) 936-6365
Otudor, Ima
Program Manager
(734) 936-0900
Privett, Rachael
Recruitment Coordinator
Quarles, Luke
Lab Manager
Reifler, Aaron
Postdoc Program Coordinator
Scott, Robert
Director of Diversity Programs
Swan, Traci
Program Coordinator
Swanson, Michele
Director; Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Microbial Pathogenesis Fellows Program
(734) 647-7295
Ting, Marie
Assistant Director
(734) 764-6497
Valdez, Yvonne
Program Coordinator
(734) 647-5773
Velez-Ruiz, Gisselle
Program Manager, SROP
(734) 615-4474
Washington, Shira
Coordinator for Graduate Education
(734) 647-7090
Woodard, Ronald
Co-Director, Professor, Chemistry
734) 764-7366
Yalisove, Steven
(734) 764-4346
Zhu, Junjie
(734) 647-7201
Zochowski, Michal
REU Administrator
(734) 647-5552

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