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University of Maine
Orono, ME

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts from University of Maine.

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Cammen, Kristina
Professor, Marine Science
Emanetoglu, Nuri
Associate Professor
(207) 581-2233
Erickson, Wendy
Program Manager
(207) 581-1489
Ireland, Jennifer
Program Manager
(207) 299-4421
Kamath, Pauline
Assistant Professor in Animal Health
Leslie, Heather
Director, Darling Marine Center
Lichtenwalner, Anne
Professor of Environmental Science
McKay, Susan
Professor of Physics and Director, Center for Research in Science Education (RISE)
(207) 581-1019
Saros, Jasmine
Professor, Paleoecology and Biological Sciences
(207) 581-2112
Teisl, Mario
Professor, Economics
(207) 581-3162