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North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts from North Carolina State University.

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Aziz, Tarek
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
Banks, Erin
IMSD, Director
(919) 513-1635
Carpenter, Pam
Director of Education and Workforce Development for FREEDM and Power America
(919) 515-8335
Cuchiara, Maude
Managing Director
Davidian, Marie
Professor, Statistics, and PI
(919) 515-1940
Duckworth, Owen
Professor, crop and soil science
Heitman, Josh
Professor, Soil Science
(919) 513-1593
Jackson, Melvin "Jai"
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement
Jones, Daniela
Research Assistant Professor
Kallal , Terri
FREEDM System Center REU Contact
Kudenov, Mike
Associate Professor
Mackay, Trudy
McGowan, Herle
Assistant Professor, Statistics Dept.
(919) 515-0634
Nelson, Natalie
Assistant Professor
Ozturk, Mehmet
Education and Diversity Director
(919) 515-5245
Shafer, David
Assistant Dean for Outreach and Diversity
(919) 515-4462
Shuijin, Hu
Professor of Soil Ecology
Veety, Elena
Assistant Education Director
(919) 513-0178