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STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in Telecommunications.

Contacts associated with programs in Telecommunications

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Cook, Megan
Ocean Exploration Trust
Community STEM Program Coordinator
Depew, Michael
University of Pittsburgh
Program Director
(412) 624-3981
Dong, Ziqian
New York Institute of Technology
(646) 273-6129
Hauser, Christophe
University of Southern California
Computer Scientist
Hennig, Amee
University of Arizona
Education & Outreach Coordinator, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-8253
Huff MacPherson, Allison
University of Arizona
Education Director, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-0174
Mirkovic, Jelena
University of Southern California
Project Leader
Peker, Yesem
Columbus State University
Assistant Professor
706 507 8187
Perez, Alfredo
Columbus State University
Assistant Professor
(706) 507 8194
Sprinkle, Jonathan
University of Arizona
Assistant Professor
(520) 626-0737