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Ecology & Evolution

Summer camps, research internships, REU programs, scholarships, fellowships, and postdoctoral positions in Ecology & Evolution. Can't find what you are looking for? Try our advanced search.

Contacts associated with programs in Ecology & Evolution

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
American Museum of Natural History
Manuel, Anna
American Museum of Natural History<br><br>Richard Gilder Graduate School; Asst. Director Fellowships and Student Affairs

Rios, Maria
American Museum of Natural History<br><br>Richard Gilder Graduate School; Asst Director Fellowships and Student Affairs

American Physiological Society
Taylor, Jessica
American Physiological Society<br><br>Senior Program Manager, Higher Education Programs

Audubon Canyon Ranch
Clune, Catie
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program manager - Martin Griffin Preserve
415-868-9244 x 116

Lekach, Natasha
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program Manager - Marin
415-868-9244 x 116

Levy, Jacqueline
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program Manager - Sonoma
415-868-9244 x 116

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)
dePutron, Samantha
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br><br>Assistant Research Scientist
(441) 297-1880

Peters, Andrew
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br><br>Director of University Programs & Associate Scientist
441-297-1880 x240

Pope, Audrey
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br><br>Internship Coordinator, University Programs
441-297-1880 x115

Brown University
Cardon, Zoe
Brown University<br><br>Senior Scientist, Brown University-Marine Biological Laboratory
(508) 289-7473

Daly, Jennifer
Brown University<br><br>Program Manager

Istrail, Sorin
Brown University<br><br>Professor of Computational and Mathematical Sciences
(401) 863-6196

Rand, David
Brown University<br><br>Professor, Biology
(401) 863-2890

California Academy of Sciences
Esposito, Lauren
California Academy of Sciences<br><br>Assistant Curator, Schlinger Chair of Arachnology

Johnson, Rebecca
California Academy of Sciences<br><br>Co-Director of Citizen Science

Piatek, Katherine
California Academy of Sciences<br><br>Assistant Director of Science Outreach and Operations

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Batterman, Sarah
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>REU Co-Director
845-677-7600 ext 148

Berkowitz, Alan
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>Head
(845) 677-7600 ext. 311

Lochet, Aude
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>Undergraduate Research Programs Coordinator
845-677-7600 Ext. 326

Schuler, Amy
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>Director of Information Services & Library

Central Michigan University
Lapp, Jessica
Central Michigan University<br><br>Coordinator, Institute for Great Lakes Research

Learman, Deric
Central Michigan University<br><br>Professor of Biology
(989) 774-4409

Chicago Botanic Garden
Noble, Hillary
Chicago Botanic Garden<br><br>

Skogen, Krissa
Chicago Botanic Garden<br><br>Conservation Scientist
(847) 835-6919

Wagenius, Stuart
Chicago Botanic Garden<br><br>Senior Conservation Scientist

Woolridge, Chris
Chicago Botanic Garden<br><br>Science Intern Program Manager

Clark University
Nikas-Hayes, Brenda
Clark University<br><br>Asst. to Director HERO
(508) 793-7337

Rogan, John
Clark University<br><br>Professor; Program Director-NSF REU HERO
(508) 793-7562

Clarkson University
Bailey, Susan
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Christian, Alan
Clarkson University<br><br>PI, and Director

David, Andrew
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor and Co-PI

Greene, James
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Columbia University
Cords, Marina
Columbia University<br><br>Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology, Faculty, Evolutionary Primatology IGERT
(212) 854-7337

Cornell University
Cleavitt, Natalie
Cornell University<br><br>Contact for REU

Dartmouth College
Ayers, Matt
Dartmouth College<br><br>Contact for REU

Hicks, Caitlin
Dartmouth College<br><br>REU Contact

Eastern Kentucky University
Brown, David
Eastern Kentucky University<br><br>Associate Professor

Richter, Stephen
Eastern Kentucky University<br><br>Professor
(859) 622-8688

Ecological Society of America (ESA)
Abbott, Fred
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Diversity Program Manager

Mourad, Teresa
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Director, Education & Diversity Programs
(202) 833-8773 x 234

Emory University
James, Amanda
Emory University<br><br>Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Fordham University
Perrone, Alissa
Fordham University<br><br>CSUR Program Coordinator/ Assistant Director

Wehr, John
Fordham University<br><br>Professor
(718) 817-0534

Geological Society of America
Dawson, Matthew
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education Programs Manager

Petrie, Lesley
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education & Outreach Program Coordinator

Georgia Institute of Technology
Black, Benita
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>REU Program Coordinator
(404) 385-7137

Conwell, Christine
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Managing Director

Green, Linda
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Academic Professional
(404) 385-6517

Hammer, Brian
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Associate Professor

Johnson, Kenyetta
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Program Manager

Khatri, Shania
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Program Manager

Taillefert, Martial
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Graduate Coordinator, Professor

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Brewer, William
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Department Coordinator
(207) 228-1636

Cummings, Margaret
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Administrative Assistant
(207) 228-1650

Sherwood, Graham
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Scientist, Demersal Ecology
(207) 228-1644

Harvard University
Rosin, Faye
Harvard University<br><br>Director of Research Facilitation

Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve
Charlop, Lindsay
Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve <br><br>Estuary Training Program Coordinator

Indiana University, Bloomington
Hurley, Laura
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology; Director CISAB-REU
(812) 856-1991

Ketterson, Ellen
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Professor, Biology and Gender Studies
(812) 855-6837

Summers, Linda
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Administrative Assistant/Program Manager
(812) 855-9663

Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium
Conover, Murt
Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium<br><br>Associate Director of Education and Outreach
(985) 851-2860

Roberts, Brian
Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium<br><br>Associate Director of Science,Associate Professor,REU Program Director
(985) 851-2821

Maria Mitchell Association
Dubinsky, Jack
Maria Mitchell Association<br><br>Aquarium Director

Marquette University
Abbott, Allison
Marquette University<br><br>Professor
(414) 288-4422

Blumenthal, Edward
Marquette University<br><br>Professor
(414) 288-6270

Gamble, Tony
Marquette University<br><br>Summer Research Program Co-Director
(414) 288-1476

Peiffer, Stacia
Marquette University<br><br>Summer Research Program Co-Director
(414) 288-7360

Weaver, Deborah
Marquette University<br><br>Associate Professor
(414) 288-7355

Maryland Sea Grant
Mejias, Aliya
Maryland Sea Grant<br><br>Graduate Assistant

Miami University
Rypstra, Ann
Miami University<br><br>Distinguished Professor, and Director, Ecology Research Center
(513) 785-3238

Michigan State University
Bradburd, Gideon
Michigan State University<br><br>Postdoctoral Committee Co-chair

Pearson, Gwen
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Director for Education and Outreach
(517) 353-1789

Weber, Marjorie
Michigan State University<br><br>Postdoctoral Committee Co-chair

Wetzel, William
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Morton Arboretum
Alvarez-Clare, Silvia
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Academic Mentor for Undergraduate Research

Bechtoldt, Cathy
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Science and Conservation Program Manager

Cannon, Charles
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Director, Center for Tree Science

Carrier, Christine
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Research Assistant

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Brown, Patrick
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Contact for IMSD T32 Program at SUNY Stonybrook

Nelson, Shakira
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Contact for IMSD T32 Program at SUNY Stonybrook

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Fackler, claire
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)<br><br>Contact for Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Rom, Lisa
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program Director for OCE-REU's
(703) 292-7709

New York University
Akum, Barbara
New York University<br><br>Summer Program contact

Ercan, Sevinc
New York University<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology
(212) 992-9518

Harrison, Terry
New York University<br><br>Professor, Anthropology
(212) 998-8581

Mazzoni, Esteban
New York University<br><br>Associate Professor

North Carolina State University
Brown, Zachary
North Carolina State University<br><br>Co-PI, Assist. Professor

Gould, Fred
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor, Agriculture
(919) 515-1647

North Dakota State University
Bowsher, Julia
North Dakota State University<br><br>Associate Professor
(701) 231-7072

Christensen, Warren
North Dakota State University<br><br>Professor
(701) 231-6744

Greenlee, Kendra
North Dakota State University<br><br>Associate Professor
(701) 231-6270

Momsen, Jennifer
North Dakota State University<br><br>Professor
(701) 231-5560

Northern Arizona University
Holeski, Liza
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Professor in the Biological Sciences

Martinez, Theodore
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Lecturer
(928) 523-3383

Whipple, Amy
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Associate Professor
(928) 523-8727

Northwestern University
Ozmina, Tiffany
Northwestern University<br><br>Administrative Director

Ohio State University
Chaffin, Justin
Ohio State University<br><br>Research Coordinator
(614) 292-8949

Old Dominion University
Gauthier, David
Old Dominion University<br><br>Associate Professor

Oregon State University
Carroll, Lindsay
Oregon State University<br><br>Marine Education Coordinator

Epperly, Haley
Oregon State University<br><br>Summer Scholarship Liaison

Organization for Tropical Studies
Baltodano, Adriana
Organization for Tropical Studies<br><br>Undergraduate Program Coordinator
011-506-2-524-0607 ext. 1520

Wendt, Amanda
Organization for Tropical Studies<br><br>Principal Investigator

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Smith, Rosemary
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory<br><br> Workforce Development

Saint Michael's College
Roberge, Janel
Saint Michael's College<br><br>Operations Manager
(802) 654-3271

San Francisco State University
Bevan, Alexandra
San Francisco State University<br><br>MS candidate

Cohen, Sarah
San Francisco State University<br><br>Professor of Biology
(415) 338-3750

Hines, Ellen
San Francisco State University<br><br>Graduate Program Coordinator

Stillman, Jonathon
San Francisco State University<br><br>Professor, Lead Grant PIC

Santa Fe Institute
Galesic, Mirta
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Professor and Cowan Chair in Human Social Dynamics

Skolnik, Hilary
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Program Manager
(505) 946-3643

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
Gustafson, Dan
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)<br><br>Academic Appointment Coordinator
(443) 482-2217

Stanford University
Glidden, Caroline
Stanford University<br><br>Postdoctoral scholar

Mordecai, Erin
Stanford University<br><br>Associate Professor

State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Gonzalez, Angel
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Program Coordinator, Bridge to the Doctorate Program
(631) 632-7046

McCauley, Jennifer
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Educational Program Manager

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Bird, Chris
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Associate Professor

Gawlik, Dale
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Endowed Chair for Conservation & Biodiversity
(361) 825-2045

Gibeaut, James
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Endowed Chair for Coastal and Marine Geospatial Sciences
(361) 825-2060

Smith, Mikell
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>CCME Coordinator

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Rinehart, Joseph
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)<br><br>Acting Research Leader

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Corey, Laura
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)<br><br>Program Analyst, Youth and Education in Science

Snow, Eleanour
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)<br><br>national manager of Youth and Education programs for the U.S. Geological Survey

University of Arizona
Adamson, Stephanie
University of Arizona<br><br>IMSD/HLBI Program Coordinator, Senior

Arnold, Betsy
University of Arizona<br><br>Director

Bonine, Kevin
University of Arizona<br><br>Director, Education-Outreach
(520) 621-0232

Dontsova, Katerina
University of Arizona<br><br>Associate Professor
(601) 868-0279

Ingram, Heather
University of Arizona<br><br>Program Manager

Saleska, Scott
University of Arizona<br><br>Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of California, Berkeley
Knowlton, Audrey
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Program Director, Biological Sciences Graduate Diversity Program; Amgen Scholars Program
(510) 642-5113

University of California, Davis
Baskett, Marissa
University of California, Davis<br><br>Faculty and Co-PI

Boving, Pernille
University of California, Davis<br><br>Academic Coordinator

Grosberg, Richard
University of California, Davis<br><br>Distinguished Professor, Evolution and Ecology
(530) 752-2937

Sanchirico, Jim
University of California, Davis<br><br>Faculty and PI

Schmitt, Johanna
University of California, Davis<br><br>Professor

University of California, Santa Barbara
MacDonald, Andy
University of California, Santa Barbara<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of California, Santa Cruz
Borker, Abraham
University of California, Santa Cruz<br><br>Program Director

Cummings, Justin
University of California, Santa Cruz<br><br>Founding UCSC DDCSP Director Emeritus

Zavaleta, Erika
University of California, Santa Cruz<br><br>Faculty Director

University of Chicago
Risner, Laurie
University of Chicago<br><br>PREP, IMSD, & NRMN-CAN Program Administrator

University of Colorado, Boulder
Gold, Anne
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Director of RECCS

McCready, Lynn
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>CSDMS Executive Assistant

Overeem, Irina
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Associate Professor, Geological Science and INSTAAR
(303) 492-6631

University of Connecticut
Romano, Tracy
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor of Marine Sciences

University of Georgia
Drake, John
University of Georgia<br><br>Director, Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases
(706) 818-4452

Hoover, Timothy
University of Georgia<br><br>Professor of Microbiology

Neidle, Ellen
University of Georgia<br><br>Administrative Assistant
(706) 542-2852

Silletti, Andrea
University of Georgia<br><br>Lab Manager (Drake Lab)
(706) 583-5538

Starai, Vincent
University of Georgia<br><br>Professor
(706) 542-5755

Sweigart, Andrea
University of Georgia<br><br>Associate Professor

University of Hawaii, Hilo
Ching, Moana
University of Hawaii, Hilo<br><br>Internship Coordinator
(808) 933-0705

Ostertag, Rebecca
University of Hawaii, Hilo<br><br>Professor, Biology
(808) 932-7573

Price, Donald
University of Hawaii, Hilo<br><br>Professor, Tropical Conservation Biology
(808) 974-7365

Ziegler-Chong, Sharon
University of Hawaii, Hilo<br><br>Associate Director, Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center
(808) 933-0705

University of Illinois, Chicago
Batista, Desiree
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Program Director

University of Maine
Cammen, Kristina
University of Maine<br><br>Professor, Marine Science

Kamath, Pauline
University of Maine<br><br>Assistant Professor in Animal Health

Lichtenwalner, Anne
University of Maine<br><br>Professor of Environmental Science

Saros, Jasmine
University of Maine<br><br>Professor, Paleoecology and Biological Sciences
(207) 581-2112

Teisl, Mario
University of Maine<br><br>Professor, Economics
(207) 581-3162

University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science
Allen, Mike
University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science<br><br>Associate Director for Research and Administration
(301) 405-6372

University of Maryland, College Park
Clark, Jenna
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Research Programs Manager
(301) 405-6375

Michaelis, Jacquelyn
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Contact for REU program

University of Michigan
Christoff, Bethany
University of Michigan<br><br>Executive Secretary
(734) 764-1443

Duda, Tom
University of Michigan<br><br>Director of the Frontiers MS program
(734) 764-2358

Karowe, David
University of Michigan<br><br>Professor of Ecology
(734) 763-4461

Laramore-Josey, Kafi
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Manager-Doris Duke Scholarship

Ogdahl, Mary
University of Michigan<br><br>CIGLR Program Manager

Otudor, Ima
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Manager
(734) 936-0900

University of Minnesota
Campbell, Colon
University of Minnesota<br><br>Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology

University of Oregon
Rebar, Bryan
University of Oregon<br><br>REU Director
(541) 346-4773

University of Pennsylvania
Carter, Philippa
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Manager of Diversity Initiatives

University of Pittsburgh
Ayoob, Joseph
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Associate Professor
(412) 648-8646

Gentille, Kelly
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Educations Programs Administrator
(412) 648-8107

Kohlhaas, Adam
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Senior Communications Specialist & Educational Programs Coordinator

University of Rhode Island
Heikes, Brian
University of Rhode Island<br><br>Professor

Jardon, Caryl
University of Rhode Island<br><br>Program Faculty

Smith, David
University of Rhode Island<br><br>Professor Oceanography; Associate dean
(401) 874-6172

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Alexandre, Gladys
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>Principal Investigator

Haynes, Sekeenia
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>PEER Program Manager

University of Texas, El Paso
Moody, Michael
University of Texas, El Paso<br><br>Associate Professor
(915) 747-5087

University of Virginia
Baird, Cora
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Coordinator and Site Director

Brodie, Butch
University of Virginia<br><br>Director, Mountain Lake Biological Station

Haynes, Kyle
University of Virginia<br><br>Associate Director, Blandy Experimental Farm
(540) 837-1758 x292

Morgan, Kristin
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Director VA-NV LSAMP
(434) 243-3660

Nagy, Eric
University of Virginia<br><br>Director, MLBS and Professor of Biology
(434) 243-4989

Walker, Maurice
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Coordinator
(434) 982-4552

University of Washington
Burlile, Angela
University of Washington<br><br>First Year Program Coordinator and Learning Facilitator

Mark, Melissa
University of Washington<br><br>

Valparaiso University
Pudwell, Lara
Valparaiso University<br><br>Professor

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Dreyer, Jennifer
Virginia Institute of Marine Science<br><br>Research Management
(804) 684-7903

Seitz, Rochelle
Virginia Institute of Marine Science<br><br>Professor, Biological Sciences
(804) 684-7698

Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
Kohn, Matthew
Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health<br><br>Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
(518) 474-6196

Washington University
Wallace, Latricia
Washington University<br><br>Outreach Associate, Genome Sequencing Center
(314) 286-1803

Western Colorado University
Reithel, Jennie
Western Colorado University<br><br>Adjunct Faculty; Science Director, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
(970) 349-0982

Yale University
Davi, Abby
Yale University<br><br>Administrator, Post Doc Affairs
(203) 785-7528

Paradise, Alisa
Yale University<br><br>Administrator, Post Doc Affairs
(203) 432-9075