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Cellular Biology

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in Cellular Biology.

Contacts associated with programs in Cellular Biology

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
American Physiological Society
Bruthers, Brooke
American Physiological Society<br><br>Senior Program Manager, Diversity Programs
(301) 634-7226

Hood, Allison
American Physiological Society<br><br>Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs

Taylor, Jessica
American Physiological Society<br><br>Senior Program Manager, Higher Education Programs

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
Goldberg, Allison
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)<br><br>Diversity and Education Coordinator

Baylor College of Medicine
Connor, Laurie
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Ph.D., Instructional Manager

Coward, Leslie
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Office of Doctoral Affairs
(713) 798-4951

Mejia, Kerri
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Administrator, SMART
(713) 798-3721

Pereira, Fred
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Associate Professor / Program Director

Young, Evelin
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Project Manager; PhD

Biotech Partners
Eng, Chamroen
Biotech Partners<br><br>Director of Programs

Gayden , Lynda
Biotech Partners<br><br>Executive Director

Reid , Johnny
Biotech Partners<br><br>Program Coordinator

Roark, Emma
Biotech Partners<br><br>Program Coordinator

Boston University
Lyman, Caroline
Boston University<br><br>Assistant Director
(617) 358-0752

Vasquez, Johanna
Boston University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Brandeis University
Lovett, Susan
Brandeis University<br><br>Professor of Microbiology
(781) 736-2497

Olivier-Mason, Anique
Brandeis University<br><br>Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity
(781) 736-2838

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Paul, Kimberlie
Brigham and Women's Hospital<br><br>Program Manager

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Gesserman, Rachel
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard<br><br>Education and Outreach Program Manager

Latour, Francie
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard<br><br>Program Coordinator, Summer Research Program in Genomics
(617) 714-7917

Brown University
Daly, Jennifer
Brown University<br><br>Program Manager

California Institute of Technology
Casey, Carol
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Director, Student- Faculty Programs

Garcia, Stefanie
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Senior Administrative Assistant

Rypisi, Candace
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Director, Student- Faculty Programs and SURF REUs
(626) 395-2886

Carnegie Mellon University
Gulish, Thom
Carnegie Mellon University<br><br>Graduate Programs Coordinator
(412) 268-2474

Case Western Reserve University
Basso, Kristine
Case Western Reserve University<br><br>Department Assistant III

Bey, Malana
Case Western Reserve University<br><br>Dept Administrator, Graduate Education Office
(216) 368-5655

MacDonald, Paul
Case Western Reserve University<br><br>Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Ramirez, Diana
Case Western Reserve University<br><br>Professor
(216) 368-2036

Central Michigan University
Lapp, Jessica
Central Michigan University<br><br>Coordinator, Institute for Great Lakes Research

Learman, Deric
Central Michigan University<br><br>Associate Professor
(989) 774-4409

Chatham University
Cass, Leah
Chatham University<br><br>Admissions Counselor

Johnson, Linda
Chatham University<br><br>Assistant Professor of Biology
(412) 365-1893

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
McRae, Paulette
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia<br><br>Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
(267) 426-2835

Coe College
Affatigato, Mario
Coe College<br><br>Professor, Physics
(319) 399-8000

Noreuil, Susan
Coe College<br><br>Professor, Physics and Chemistry
(319) 399-8524

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Creteur, Kim
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory<br><br>Admissions & Recruitment Manager
(516) 367-6909

College of Saint Mary
Heilig, Michelle
College of Saint Mary<br><br>Admissions Advisor
(402) 399-2491

Keyte, Jeff
College of Saint Mary<br><br>Professor & Chair
(402) 399-2645

Cornell University
Huffaker, Tim
Cornell University<br><br>Professor

Liu, Kelly
Cornell University<br><br>Professor

Sickler, Delanie
Cornell University<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator

Vogt, Volker
Cornell University<br><br>Professor

Dartmouth College
Seibel, Jane
Dartmouth College<br><br>ASURE Program Director
(603) 646-8193

Don Danforth Plant Science Center
Kromer, Catherine
Don Danforth Plant Science Center<br><br>Grant Manager
(314) 587-1424

Pandey, Sona
Don Danforth Plant Science Center<br><br>Principal Investigator
(314) 587-1471

Duke University
Baize-Smith, Jamie
Duke University<br><br>Assistant Director of Graduate Studies

Beck, Jeffrey
Duke University<br><br>Professor of Neurobiology
(919) 684-5600

Kendrick, J.
Duke University<br><br>Assistant Dean
(919) 684-2056

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Anderson, Jennifer
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Coordinator, Public Health Sciences Division
(206) 667-4617

Drennan, Marilyn
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Program Assistant

Louie, Stephanie
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Program Assistant
(206) 667-6697

Georgia Institute of Technology
Black, Benita
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>REU Program Coordinator
(404) 385-7137

Bryant, Erin
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Professor

Green, Linda
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Academic Professional
(404) 385-6517

Levine, Aaron
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Profressor

Georgia Southern University
Aiken, Karelle
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Professor
(912) 478-5238

Ramoutar, Ria
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Lecturer (Chemistry)
(912) 478-5055

Harvard Medical School
Kilicci-Kret, Pinar
Harvard Medical School<br><br>Program Manager
(617) 432-1083

McCarthy, Ellen
Harvard Medical School<br><br>Associate Professor of Medicine
(617) 432-7212

Harvard University
Reed, Samantha
Harvard University<br><br>Administrative Manager
(617) 432-5202

Thomas, Sheila
Harvard University<br><br>Asst Dean of Diversity & Minority Affairs; Professor, Dept of Medicine
(617) 432-4980

Iowa State University
Moore, MaryAnn
Iowa State University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(515) 294-4249

Raman, D.
Iowa State University<br><br>Professor
(515) 294-0465

John A. Logan College
Barko, Valerie
John A. Logan College<br><br>Dean for Academic Affairs
(618) 985-8238

Johns Hopkins University
Brown, Amanda
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hseeh, George
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Program Manager

Mathis, Camille
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Director of Academic Programs
(410) 516-6572

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ricks, Irelene
Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology<br><br>Director of Diversity, Life Sciences
970 262-2669

Maine Medical Center
Bergst, Elisabeth
Maine Medical Center<br><br>Program Coordinator, Research Institute
(207) 396-8145

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Sassanfar, Mandana
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>Professor; Director of Science & Diversity Outreach
(617) 452-4371

Medical College of Wisconsin
Mallett, Jean
Medical College of Wisconsin<br><br>Program Manager

Medical University of South Carolina
Brown-Guion, Stephanie
Medical University of South Carolina<br><br>Director, MUSC Summer Programs
(843) 876-2408

Meharry Medical College
Stewart, LaMonica
Meharry Medical College<br><br>Associate Professor/Program Director

Miami University
Rypstra, Ann
Miami University<br><br>Program Director, Doctor
(513) 785-3238

Michigan State University
Barry, Cornelius
Michigan State University<br><br>Professor
(517) 884-6959

Wiegert-Rininger, Krystle
Michigan State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)
Disney, Jane
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)<br><br>Senior Staff Scientist; Director of Education; Director, Community Environmental Health Laboratory
207-288-9880 ext 125

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Jenkins, Sherry
Mount Sinai School of Medicine<br><br>Senior Program Manager
(212) 241-7265

Nanolive SA
Bautz, Sabine
Nanolive SA<br><br>Administrator NanoLive

Farshori, Kulsum
Nanolive SA<br><br>Education Application Specialist

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Brannock, Christie
National Institute on Drug Abuse<br><br>Lab Manager, Molecular Neuropsychiatry
(410) 740-2657

Jobes, Michelle
National Institute on Drug Abuse<br><br>Program Manager

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Blatch, Sydella
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Predoc and Postdoc Program Manager (NIAID)
301 761-7845

Cadet, Jean
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Chief, Molecular Neuropsychiatry Section, National Institute of Drug Abuse
(410) 550-2953

Soucy, Kathryn
National Institutes of Health (NIH)<br><br>Director of Training, NIAID
301 761-6999

North Carolina State University
Carson, Susan
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor
(919) 513-0330

Perera, Imara
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor

Northeastern University
Rosengaus, Rebeca
Northeastern University<br><br>Associate Professor & Associate Chair
(617) 373-7032

Smith, Wendy
Northeastern University<br><br>Associate Professor
(617) 373-2600

Northwestern University
Leikin, Robin
Northwestern University<br><br>Program Director

Ozmina, Tiffany
Northwestern University<br><br>Administrative Director

Ohio State University
Doseff, Andrea
Ohio State University<br><br>Associate Professor
(614) 292-9507

Grotewold, Erich
Ohio State University<br><br>Professor
(614) 292-2483

Oregon Health & Science University
Lawson Weber, Liz
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Program Administrator

Parks-Piatt, Jessica
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Administrator, Neuroscience Graduate Program

Westbrook, Gary
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Program Director

Wyatt, Letisha
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Assistant Professor of Neurology, Director of Diversity in Research

Parkland College
Carlson, Britt
Parkland College<br><br>Associate Professor of Chemistry

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Perretto, Lawrence
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals<br><br>Founder and Executive Director

Rice University
M'Carver, Kimberly
Rice University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(713) 348-6034

Silberg, Joff
Rice University<br><br>Professor
(713) 348-3849

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Kisailus, Adam
Roswell Park Cancer Institute<br><br>Program Director, Department of Educational Affairs

San Francisco State University
Chen, Lily
San Francisco State University<br><br>Professor of Biology

Cohen, Sarah
San Francisco State University<br><br>Professor of Biology
(415) 338-3750

Domingo, Carmen
San Francisco State University<br><br>Dean, College of Science & Engineering
(415) 338-7789

Sanford Research
Ledeboer, Tamara
Sanford Research<br><br>Director of Education Programs

SENS Research Foundation
Boemmel, Kelly
SENS Research Foundation<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Chin, Gregory
SENS Research Foundation<br><br>Director of Education
(650) 336-1786

O'Connor, Matthew
SENS Research Foundation<br><br>Vice President of Research

Shawnee Community College
Armstrong, Lori
Shawnee Community College<br><br>Life Science Instructor
(618) 634-3313

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Renzaglia, Karen
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale<br><br>McNair Director, Bridges to the Doctorate
(618) 453-3229

Stanford University
Helms, Jill
Stanford University<br><br>PI & Program Director

Moreau, Cynthia
Stanford University<br><br>Program Administrator

State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo
Marshall, Liz
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Program Coordinator
(716) 829-5219

Rajnarayanan, Rajendram
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Professor
(716) 829-2130

State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Gonzalez, Angel
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Program Coordinator, Bridge to the Doctorate Program
(631) 632-7046

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Florida
Albarran-Zeckler, Rosie
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Florida<br><br>Education Outreach Coordinator

Marra, Cheryl
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Florida<br><br>Graduate Program Coordinator

Pyle, Jeremy
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Florida<br><br>Digital/Social Media Specialist, Office of Graduate Studies

Tufts University
Abbott, Sara
Tufts University<br><br>Senior Business Operations Administrator

Miller, Jeff
Tufts University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Pierce, Diana
Tufts University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(617) 636-6836

Wortis, Henry
Tufts University<br><br>Professor, Immunology
(617) 636-6718

Tulane University
Chavez, Rosanna
Tulane University<br><br>Program Manager

Gaver, Donald
Tulane University<br><br>Professor, Biomedical Engineering
(504) 865-5150

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Lorenz, Robin
University of Alabama, Birmingham<br><br>DIrector, UAB SIBS
(205) 934-0676

University of Arizona
Bender, Carol
University of Arizona<br><br>Director, UBRP and BRAVO, Molecular Biology REU
(520) 621-9348

Lindsey, Marti
University of Arizona<br><br>Co-Director

University of California, Davis
Boylan, Sharon
University of California, Davis<br><br>Program Administrator
(530) 752-2626

Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich
University of California, Davis<br><br>Professor, Microbiology
(530) 752-3001

University of California, Los Angeles
Azurdia, Diana
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Program Director

Payne, Gregory
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Program Director

University of California, Merced
Cole, Nora
University of California, Merced<br><br>Programs Manager, CCBM
(209) 228-3603

Ghosh, Sayantani
University of California, Merced<br><br>Professor of Physics, CCBM Executive Committee Member & Undergraduate Lead
(209) 228-4055

University of California, San Diego
Briggs, Steve
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology
(858) 534-5372

Schroeder, Julian
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Professor, Biological Sciences, IGERT PI, Plant System Biology
(858) 534-7759

University of Chicago
Risner, Laurie
University of Chicago<br><br>PREP, IMSD, & NRMN-CAN Program Administrator

Rothman-Denes, Lucia
University of Chicago<br><br>Professor
(773) 702-1083

Turkewitz, Aaron
University of Chicago<br><br>Professor
(773) 702-4374

Will, Catherine
University of Chicago<br><br>Administrator

University of Cincinnati
Weber, Sharon
University of Cincinnati<br><br>SURF Program Coordinator
(513) 558-5625

University of Connecticut
Bolnick, Daniel
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor, Integrative Biology

Chen, Xinnian
University of Connecticut<br><br>Assistant Professor-in-Residence
(860) 486-6169

Finiguerra, Michael
University of Connecticut<br><br>Assistant Professor

Renaud, Taylor
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor, Physiology & Neurobiology
(860) 486-5415

Romano, Tracy
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor of Marine Sciences

University of Florida
Cannaliato, Brenda
University of Florida<br><br>Education Coordinator
(904) 461-4014

Ryan, Joseph
University of Florida<br><br>Professor
(904) 461-4046

Seaver, Elaine
University of Florida<br><br>Professor
(904) 461-7324

University of Georgia
Brown, Kim
University of Georgia<br><br>Administrative Associate
(706) 542-2045

Neidle, Ellen
University of Georgia<br><br>Administrative Assistant
(706) 542-2852

Stabb, Eric
University of Georgia<br><br>Program Co-Director

University of Illinois, Chicago
Osborne, Stephanie
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Program Officer
(312) 355-3147

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Bashir, Rashid
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Professor, Engineering
(217) 333-3097

Hsia, K.
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineeriing; Dean, Graduate College
(217) 333-2321

Saif, Taher
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
(217) 333-8552

Schroeder, Nathan
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of Iowa
Means, Judy
University of Iowa<br><br>Administrative Coordinator
(319) 335-8993

Rubenstein, Peter
University of Iowa<br><br>Professor
(319) 335-7911

Weiss, David
University of Iowa<br><br>Professor, Microbiology
(319) 335-7785

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Johnson, Justine
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Associate Director, Meyerhoff Graduate Program

Summers, Michael
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Professor, Chemistry and BioChemistry

University of Massachusetts, Boston
Heske, Claudia
University of Massachusetts, Boston<br><br>Program Manager

Skvirsky, Rachel
University of Massachusetts, Boston<br><br>Professor, Biology
(617) 287-6617

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
O'Connor, Nancy
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth<br><br>Professor, REU Director

Rajaniemi, Tara
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth<br><br>Associate Professor

University of Michigan
Barald, Katherine
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Director & Professor
(734) 647-3376

Dotson, Cherie
University of Michigan<br><br>Co-Director
(734) 615-6562

Griffey, Kayla
University of Michigan<br><br>Admin/Project Coordinator

Grosky, Sara
University of Michigan<br><br>REU Administrator
(734) 763-6722

Privett, Rachael
University of Michigan<br><br>Recruitment Coordinator

Reifler, Aaron
University of Michigan<br><br>Postdoc Program Coordinator

Swan, Traci
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Coordinator

Swanson, Michele
University of Michigan<br><br>Director; Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Microbial Pathogenesis Fellows Program
(734) 647-7295

Valdez, Yvonne
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Coordinator
(734) 647-5773

Woodard, Ronald
University of Michigan<br><br>Co-Director, Professor, Chemistry
734) 764-7366

Zochowski, Michal
University of Michigan<br><br>REU Administrator
(734) 647-5552

University of Minnesota
Juliussen, Evelyn
University of Minnesota<br><br>Program Coordinator, LSSURP
(612) 624-6728

University of Missouri, Columbia
David, John
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Professor, Biology
(573) 882-0120

Garcia, Michael
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
(573) 882-9712

Howe, Laura
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Program Director

University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Stone, Julie
University of Nebraska, Lincoln<br><br>Administration

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Regner, Kurt
University of Nevada, Las Vegas<br><br>Professor, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Education
(702) 895-1071

Robleto, Eduardo
University of Nevada, Las Vegas<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of New Mexico
Fenton, Mary
University of New Mexico<br><br>Admissions Coordinator

Manzanilla, Elaine
University of New Mexico<br><br>Education Specialist
(502) 272-4087

Rogers, Sherry
University of New Mexico<br><br>Co-Director
(505) 272-1887

Wandinger-Ness , Angela
University of New Mexico<br><br>Program Coordinator
(505) 272-1887

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Brandt, Patrick
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Director of Science, Training & Diversity
(919) 843-9342

Hall, Joshua
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Director of PREP

Harrell, Jessica
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Director-SOLAR Program
(919) 843-1570

Rybarczyk, Brian
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Associate Dean
(919) 962-2505

University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Gray, Gloria
University of North Carolina, Pembroke<br><br>

Poage, Robert
University of North Carolina, Pembroke<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology
(910) 522-5745

Vallabha, Sailaja
University of North Carolina, Pembroke<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology
(910) 775-4034

University of North Dakota
Cisek, Karen
University of North Dakota<br><br>Program Coordinator
(701) 777-6377

Doze, Van
University of North Dakota<br><br>Associate Professor, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics
(701) 777-6222

University of Notre Dame
Whaley, Michelle
University of Notre Dame<br><br>Professor, Biology
(574) 631-9343

University of Oregon
Rebar, Bryan
University of Oregon<br><br>REU Coordinator
(541) 346-4773

University of Pennsylvania
Carter, Philippa
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Manager of Diversity Initiatives

Diaz Vazquez, Arnaldo
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Director, Recruitment and Special Programs

Jeong, Annie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Assistant Director, Education and Diversity

Kushner, Jessica
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Lawrence, Karen
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education
(215) 898-1842

Mastroieni, Anita
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Executive Director for Graduate Education & Initiatives

McGonigle, Jim
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Staff, Nanoscale Engineering and Science
(215) 898-5151

Rea, Patricia
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Director for Admissions, Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences
(215) 898-8101

Rook, Josie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Executive Director

Tuttle, Stephen
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Program Director

Wallace, Ashley
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Diversity and Education Coordinator
(215) 898-3446

University of Pittsburgh
Gentille, Kelly
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Educations Programs Administrator

Williams, Carol
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Admissions and Recruiting Manager

University of Rochester
Singh, Ruchira
University of Rochester<br><br>Post Doc Faculty

University of South Carolina, Columbia
Ely, Bert
University of South Carolina, Columbia<br><br>Professor, Biology
(803) 777-2768

University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine
Ledeboer, Tamara
University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine<br><br>Director of Education Programs

University of Southern California
Alba, Kathlynn
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Walker, Angela
University of Southern California<br><br>Assistant Director

Welsh, Allison
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative contact

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Cameron, Carrie
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Associate Director
(713) 794-1476

Chang, Shine
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Director of Program
(713) 563-3573

Lewis, Kava
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center<br><br>Education Coordinator
(713) 563-9670

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Science Park, Smithville
Contreras, Chris
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Science Park, Smithville<br><br>Program Coordinator
(512) 237-9425

University of Texas Medical Branch
Jupiter, Daniel
University of Texas Medical Branch<br><br>Assistant Dean for Recruitment

Teed, Laura
University of Texas Medical Branch<br><br>Coordinator, Special Programs

University of Texas, Austin
Huddleston, Melissa
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Administrative Manager

University of Texas, San Antonio
Felan, Linda
University of Texas, San Antonio<br><br>Administrative Assistant, RISE Programs
(210) 458-4184

Taylor, Gail
University of Texas, San Antonio<br><br>Assistant Director, MARC Program
(210) 458-5761

University of Tokyo
Awatsu, Kristina
University of Tokyo<br><br>Admin at School of Science

University of Utah
Holsti, Maija
University of Utah<br><br>Director
(801) 662-1000

Slattum, Gloria
University of Utah<br><br>Program Coordinator

Willie, Scott
University of Utah<br><br>NARI program coordinator

Yost, H. Joseph
University of Utah<br><br>Principal Investigator

University of Virginia
Baker, Jeff
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Administrator, Summer Research Internship Program

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Greenberg, Caprice
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Program Director
(608) 262-0395

Pavao, Sarah
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Program Coordinator

Smith, Amber
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Director of Mentor & Mentee Training
(608) 265-0850

Van Andel Research Institute
Mayo, Christy
Van Andel Research Institute<br><br>Enrollment and Records Administrator II

Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
Kohn, Matthew
Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health<br><br>Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
(518) 474-6196

Washington State University
Abu-Lail, Nehal
Washington State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Ivory, Cornelius
Washington State University<br><br>Professor

Washington University
Wallace, Latricia
Washington University<br><br>Outreach Associate, Genome Sequencing Center
(314) 286-1803

Washington University School of Medicine
Felton, Michele
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Program Coordinator

Fisher, Nick
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Director of Operations, Siteman Cancer Center

Neeley, Kyle
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Sr. Research Administrator

Smith, Rochelle
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>Manager, Diversity Programs and Community Outreach, Medicine

West Virginia University
Scott, Matthew
West Virginia University<br><br>Financial Operations Specialist
(304) 293-2930

Spirou, George
West Virginia University<br><br>Professor, Director of Center for Neuroscience
(304) 293-2930

Stewart, Erica
West Virginia University<br><br>Business Operations Specialist/SURI
(304) 293-6289

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Gericke, Arne
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Professor, Chemistry and Department Head
(508) 831 5263