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Applied Mathematics

Summer camps, research internships, REU programs, scholarships, fellowships, and postdoctoral positions in Applied Mathematics. Can't find what you are looking for? Try our advanced search.

Contacts associated with programs in Applied Mathematics

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
American Meteorological Society
Armstrong, Stephanie
American Meteorological Society<br><br>Director of Development

Fernandez, Donna
American Meteorological Society<br><br>Development and Student Program Manager

Arizona State University
Barragan Romero, Cynthia
Arizona State University<br><br>Program Manager

Duran, Ciera
Arizona State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Romero, Cynthia
Arizona State University<br><br>Coordinato,r Senior
(480) 965-1690

Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Harmon, Alvin
Atlanta Metropolitan State College<br><br>Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(404) 880-756-4056

Auburn University
Biaz, Saad
Auburn University<br><br>Professor, Computer Science
(334) 844-6307

BioXFEL Science and Technology Center
Uppington, Erin
BioXFEL Science and Technology Center<br><br>Administrator
(716) 898-8610

Boise State University
Andersen, Tim
Boise State University<br><br>Co-Director of PhD Computing Program

Babinkostova, Liljana
Boise State University<br><br>Professor
(208) 426-2896

Cooper, Keela
Boise State University<br><br>Program Coordinator of PhD Computing Program

Mead, Jodi
Boise State University<br><br>Co-Director of PhD Computing Program

Serra, Edoardo
Boise State University<br><br>Data Driven Security REU Contact

Spezzano, Francesca
Boise State University<br><br>Data Driven Security REU Contact

Boston University
Lyman, Caroline
Boston University<br><br>Assistant Director
(617) 358-0752

California Institute of Technology
Weinstein, Alan
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Professor
(626) 395-2166

Central Washington University
Linhart, Jean
Central Washington University<br><br>Professor
(509) 963-2123

Clark Atlanta University
Ingram, Conrad
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Program Director GA AL LSAMP
(404) 880-6898

Johnson, Ronald
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Principal Investigator
(404) 880-8000

Lewis, Torina
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Campus Coordinator GA LSAMP
(404) 880-6061

Taylor, Carolyn
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Program Manager, GA AL LSAMP
(404) 880-6837

Clarkson University
Bailey, Susan
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Greene, James
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Hou, Daqing
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor

Liu, Yu
Clarkson University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Rogers, Shane
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor Sustainable Environment
(315) 268-6501

Twiss, Michael
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor of biology
(315) 268-2359

Columbia University
Adams, Corey
Columbia University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Favrot, Lorenza
Columbia University<br><br>Program Manager, Outreach and Communication at the Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics

Herrera, Justine
Columbia University<br><br>Assist Director, Academic Programs
(212) 305-2271

Osei-Sarfo, Kwame
Columbia University<br><br>Director

Emory University
Ettinger, Bree
Emory University<br><br>Senior Lecturer

Ruthotto, Lars
Emory University<br><br>Associate Professor

Georgia Institute of Technology
Conrad, Leyla
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Director, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering Science
(404) 385-0439

Jackson-Truitt, Tia
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Director of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(404) 385-1823

Mazumdar, Anirban
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Assistant Professor

Georgia Southern University
Aiken, Karelle
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Professor
(912) 478-5238

Quirino, Rafael
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Associate Professor

Ramoutar, Ria
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Lecturer (Chemistry)
(912) 478-5055

Georgia State University
Baumstark, Alfons
Georgia State University<br><br>Professor, Chemistry Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(404) 413-5516

Beyah, Raheem
Georgia State University<br><br>Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research, Executive Director of the Online Masters of Cybersecurity program (OMS Cybersecurity)
(404) 931-3255

Grand Valley State University
Dickinson, William
Grand Valley State University<br><br>Professor, Mathematics
(616) 331-3745

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Brewer, William
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Department Coordinator
(207) 228-1636

Cummings, Margaret
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Administrative Assistant
(207) 228-1650

Sherwood, Graham
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Scientist, Demersal Ecology
(207) 228-1644

Harvard University
Baqai, Mariam
Harvard University<br><br>Director of University Partnerships

Reed, Samantha
Harvard University<br><br>Administrative Manager
(617) 432-5202

Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI)
Bauer, William
Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI)<br><br>Assistant Professor of Research, University at Buffalo Department of Materials Design and Innovation
(716) 898-8620

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Laird, Neil
Hobart and William Smith Colleges<br><br>Director: NEPARS REU; Full Professor
(315) 781-3603

Howard University
Thiero, Kadidia
Howard University<br><br>Outreach Coordinator, Program Lead
(202) 865-8679

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Hubenthal, Michael
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology<br><br>Education Specialist
(607) 777-4612

Indiana University, Bloomington
Smith, Liz
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Math Department Staff
(812) 855-1589

Thurston, Dylan
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Director, REU program

Institute for Citizens and Scholars
Ndiba, Neema
Institute for Citizens and Scholars<br><br>Program Manager

Ochoa, Jose
Institute for Citizens and Scholars<br><br>Director of Teaching Fellowships

Watson, Audra
Institute for Citizens and Scholars<br><br>Director of WW Teaching Fellowships

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Huber, Tanja
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis<br><br>YSSP Coordinator

Iowa State University
Golay, Hallie
Iowa State University<br><br>Graduate Program Assistant, Administrative Specialist for Education Services

Lawson State Community College
Briggs, Calvin
Lawson State Community College<br><br>Mathematics Instructor, Campus Coordinator GA LSAMP

Leadership Alliance
Kahn, Barbara
Leadership Alliance<br><br>National Coordinator of Undergraduate & Graduate Programs
(401) 863-7994

Louisiana State University
Moreno, Juana
Louisiana State University<br><br>Professor, Physics
(225) 578-7586

Mathematics Foundation of America
Carde, Kevin
Mathematics Foundation of America<br><br>Assistant Director

Debowsky, Marisa
Mathematics Foundation of America<br><br>Program Director

Len, Ania
Mathematics Foundation of America<br><br>Program Coordinator

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Koppenaal, Richard
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Program Coordinator

Lewis, Shireen
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Administrative Manager for the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Michigan State University
Krishnan, Arjun
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Professor, CMSE, BMB

Merz, Kenneth
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber Enabled Research (iCER)

O'Shea, Brian
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER)

Mississippi State University
Clay, R. Torsten
Mississippi State University<br><br>Professor

Lim, Hyeona
Mississippi State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Montclair State University
Mills, Tirzah
Montclair State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Tuininga, Amy
Montclair State University<br><br>Director

Morehouse College
Wilson, Ulrica
Morehouse College<br><br>Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(470) 639-0365

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Fisher, Paula
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)<br><br>Program Administrator
(303) 497-1328

National Institute of Aerospace
Cotton, Ania
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Support Assistant
(757) 325-6700

Dees, Stacy
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>RASC-AL Program Manager

O'Leary, Victoria
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Support Specialist/RASC-AL Intern
(757) 325-6926

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Fronczek, Lisa
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Director, SURF
(301) 975-6633

Sweigert, Anita
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Administrator, SURF
(301) 975-6633

Toliver, Brandi
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Director, SURF
(301) 975-2371

Northwestern University
Ozmina, Tiffany
Northwestern University<br><br>Administrative Director

Oakwood University
Ranatunga, Don
Oakwood University<br><br>Professor, Chemistry
(256) 726-7000 ext. 7116

Old Dominion University
Yahoodik, Sarah
Old Dominion University<br><br>Research Assistant

Oregon State University
Swisher, Holly
Oregon State University<br><br>Professor, Mathematics
(541) 737-4933

Plymouth State University
Cordeira, Jason
Plymouth State University<br><br>Associate Professor
(603) 535-2410

Pomona College
Radunksaya, Ami
Pomona College<br><br>Professor of Mathematics
(909) 621-8715

Redistricting Data Hub
Donovan, Kate
Redistricting Data Hub<br><br>Support Lead

Rochester Institute of Technology
Faber, Joshua
Rochester Institute of Technology<br><br>Associate Professor

Rutgers University
Gallos, Lazaros
Rutgers University<br><br>Associate Director
(848) 445-0075

Santa Fe Institute
Galesic, Mirta
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Professor and Cowan Chair in Human Social Dynamics

Skolnik, Hilary
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Program Manager
(505) 946-3643

Space Telescope Science Institute
Rueter, Christine
Space Telescope Science Institute<br><br>Senior Human Resources
(410) 338-5089

Sembach, Kenneth
Space Telescope Science Institute<br><br>Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute
410 338 5051

Stanford University
Brown, Joseph
Stanford University<br><br>Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer
(650) 724-7437

Lozano, Noe Pablo
Stanford University<br><br>Faculty

State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Davi, Rosalia
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Diversity Outreach Coordinator

McCauley, Jennifer
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Educational Program Manager

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Bannan, Kate
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)<br><br>Communications and Outreach Manager

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
Ponsford, Natalie
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)<br><br>SOARS Interim Program Administrator

Ristvey, John
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)<br><br>Education & Outreach Director

University of A Coruña
Almécija, Ana
University of A Coruña <br><br>European Project Manager

University of Alabama, Huntsville
Hamblock, Peter
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>EPSCoR Project Manager

Waller, Dana
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>Outreach Coordinator

University of Arizona
Hennig, Amee
University of Arizona<br><br>Education & Outreach Coordinator, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-8253

Huff MacPherson, Allison
University of Arizona<br><br>Education Director, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-0174

University of California, Davis
Baskett, Marissa
University of California, Davis<br><br>Faculty and Co-PI

Boving, Pernille
University of California, Davis<br><br>Academic Coordinator

Sanchirico, Jim
University of California, Davis<br><br>Faculty and PI

University of California, Los Angeles
Mavalski, Dimi
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of Chicago
Sheu, Eileen
University of Chicago<br><br>PI-Dept. of Physics REU in Contemporary Physics

University of Connecticut
Siedlecki, Samantha
University of Connecticut<br><br>Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences

University of Georgia
Drake, John
University of Georgia<br><br>Director, Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases
(706) 818-4452

Silletti, Andrea
University of Georgia<br><br>Lab Manager (Drake Lab)
(706) 583-5538

University of Houston
Ferdowsi, Behrooz
University of Houston<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Snyder, Patrick
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>REU Program Coordinator

University of Iowa
Kirk, Terry
University of Iowa<br><br>Biostatistics Grad Program Administrator
(319) 384-1541

Zamba, Gideon
University of Iowa<br><br>Professor, Biostatistics
(319) 384-5020

University of Maryland, College Park
Dickerson, John
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Assistant Professor
(240) 715-2514

Gasarch, William
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Professor, Computer Science
(301) 405-2698

Pop, Mihai
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Professor

Serrano, Daniel
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Program coordinator, Senior Faculty Specialist
301 405 6565

University of Michigan
Jackson, Trachette
University of Michigan<br><br>Math Professor
(734) 764-8537

Ogdahl, Mary
University of Michigan<br><br>CIGLR Program Manager

Zhu, Junjie
University of Michigan<br><br>Professor
(734) 647-7201

University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Coleman, Casey
University of Nebraska, Lincoln<br><br>Events & Outreach Coord/Grad Studies

University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Grabchak, Michael
University of North Carolina School of Medicine<br><br>Associate Professor

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Brown, Banita
University of North Carolina, Charlotte<br><br>McNair Director
(704) 687-4843

University of Oklahoma
LaDue, Daphne
University of Oklahoma<br><br>Professor, Meteorology
(405) 325-1898

Marmo, Alex
University of Oklahoma<br><br>Research Associate

University of Pennsylvania
Jeong, Annie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Assistant Director, Education and Diversity

University of Pittsburgh
Goldberg, Mary
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator, SHRS-Rehab Science & Technology
(412) 822-3693

Milleville, Maria
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator
(412) 822-3668

Williams, Randy
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Lead Education & Outreach Coordinator
(412) 822-3708

University of Texas, Austin
Rodriguez, Stephanie
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Graduate Program Administrator

University of Washington
Chickadel, Chris
University of Washington<br><br>Senior Principal Oceanographer

Manucharyan, Georgy
University of Washington<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of Waterloo
Kovacevic, Lana
University of Waterloo<br><br>Operations and Events Coordinator

Kuntz, Kimberly
University of Waterloo<br><br>Manager, Outreach & Events

University of West Georgia
Swamy-Mruthinti, Satyanarayana
University of West Georgia<br><br>Associate Dean, Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(378) 839-5190

Valparaiso University
Pudwell, Lara
Valparaiso University<br><br>Professor

Washington University School of Medicine
Schreier, Linda
Washington University School of Medicine<br><br>PRIDE-CGE Program Manager
(314) 362-1565

West Virginia University
Gu, Yu
West Virginia University<br><br>REU Site Director

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Benjamin, Kathi
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution<br><br>Director, Human Resources and EEO Officer

Thieler, Kama
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution<br><br>Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
(508) 289-3478

Tivey, Margaret
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution<br><br>Vice President for Academic Programs & Dean

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Emdad, Fatemeh
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Associate Teaching Professor

Rundensteiner, Elke
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Data Science Program Director

Yale University
Nearon, Michelle
Yale University<br><br>Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
(203) 432-0763

Streete, Denzil
Yale University<br><br>Assistant Dean