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Contacts associated with programs in STEM Fields

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital
Marchionda, Sara
Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital<br><br>Senior Research Education Coordinator

Matos-Nieves, Adrianna
Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital<br><br>Science Education Outreach Coordinator

Acoustical Society of America
Jones, Keeta
Acoustical Society of America <br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator

Action For World
Chaudhary, Devansh
Action For World <br><br>Student President & Founder
+91 95604 82505

Sinha, Aditya
Action For World <br><br>Student Vice President

Alpha One
Way, Mardi
Alpha One<br><br>Program Administrator

American Chemical Society
LaPrade, Christopher
American Chemical Society<br><br>Portfolio Manager, IREU
1 202-872-6365

McCoy, Christina
American Chemical Society<br><br>Program Contact

Sonkin, Stephanie
American Chemical Society<br><br>Project Manager, International Activities

American Fisheries Society
Maza, Lauren
American Fisheries Society <br><br>Student & Professional Development Director

Webb Banning, Mary
American Fisheries Society <br><br>Educational Program Coordinator
301-897-8616 x204

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Corbett, Michelle
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago<br><br>Associate Director, Learning and Development

Arizona State University
Agloro, Alexandrina
Arizona State University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Crawl, Desiree
Arizona State University<br><br>Project Coordinator
(614) 247-7267

Suter, Bryce
Arizona State University<br><br>Lab Manager

Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Harmon, Alvin
Atlanta Metropolitan State College<br><br>Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(404) 880-756-4056

Auburn University
Biaz, Saad
Auburn University<br><br>Professor, Computer Science
(334) 844-6307

Audubon Canyon Ranch
Clune, Catie
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program manager - Martin Griffin Preserve
415-868-9244 x 116

Lekach, Natasha
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program Manager - Marin
415-868-9244 x 116

Levy, Jacqueline
Audubon Canyon Ranch<br><br>Education Program Manager - Sonoma
415-868-9244 x 116

Baylor College of Medicine
Murray, Debra
Baylor College of Medicine<br><br>Instructor, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
(713) 798-8083

BHW Group
Francis, Paul
BHW Group <br><br>Scholarship Coordinator

Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc.
Winrow, Nevada
Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc.<br><br>Founder/CEO & President

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
Cheng-Campbell, Meg
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science <br><br>Program Manager

Boston University
Christine, Melissa
Boston University<br><br>AGEP Admin/UROP Manager
(617) 353-2020

Cox, Allison
Boston University<br><br>Project Manager, Upward Bound Math and Science

Dennehy, Michael
Boston University<br><br>Director, TRIO
(617) 353-3551

Himelman, Lisa
Boston University<br><br>Program Director for Outreach and Communications

Hokanson, Sarah
Boston University<br><br>Assistant Provost, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs

Lyman, Caroline
Boston University<br><br>Assistant Director
(617) 358-0752

Vasquez, Johanna
Boston University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Brandeis University
Olivier-Mason, Anique
Brandeis University<br><br>Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity
(781) 736-2838

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Paul, Kimberlie
Brigham and Women's Hospital<br><br>Program Manager

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Velez-Ruiz, Gisselle
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard<br><br>Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion
(734) 615-4474

Bryn Mawr College
Record, Sydne
Bryn Mawr College<br><br>Summer Program Director

California Council on Science and Technology
Morgan, Annie
California Council on Science and Technology<br><br>Program Manager
(916) 492-0996

California Institute of Technology
Casey, Carol
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Associate Director, Student- Faculty Programs

Garcia, Stefanie
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Assistant Director, Student-Faculty Programs Office

Rypisi, Candace
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Director, Student- Faculty Programs and SURF REUs
(626) 395-2886

Weinstein, Alan
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Professor
(626) 395-2166

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Han, Barbara
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>Associate Scientist

Schuler, Amy
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies<br><br>Director of Information Services & Library

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Osiname, Ellis
Center for Disease Control (CDC)<br><br>Workforce Development Specialist
(770) 488-1788

Quintana, Ken
Center for Disease Control (CDC)<br><br>DePuty Director/Strategic Programs
(770) 488-1482

Chapman University
Goldsmith, Gregory
Chapman University<br><br>GCI Program Director
(714) 997-6815

Chicago Botanic Garden
Wagenius, Stuart
Chicago Botanic Garden<br><br>Senior Conservation Scientist

City University of New York (CUNY), Hunter College
Oyekoya, Wole
City University of New York (CUNY), Hunter College<br><br>Associate Professor of Virtual Environments

Clark Atlanta University
Ingram, Conrad
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Program Director GA AL LSAMP
(404) 880-6898

Johnson, Ronald
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Principal Investigator
(404) 880-8000

Lewis, Torina
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Campus Coordinator GA LSAMP
(404) 880-6061

Taylor, Carolyn
Clark Atlanta University<br><br>Program Manager, GA AL LSAMP
(404) 880-6837

Clark University
Nikas-Hayes, Brenda
Clark University<br><br>Asst. to Director HERO
(508) 793-7337

Clarkson University
Christian, Alan
Clarkson University<br><br>PI, and Director

David, Andrew
Clarkson University<br><br>Assistant Professor and Co-PI

Hannigan, Robyn
Clarkson University<br><br>Provost

Rogers, Shane
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor Sustainable Environment
(315) 268-6501

Twiss, Michael
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor of biology
(315) 268-2359

Warden, Marjorie
Clarkson University<br><br>Director of LSAMP
(315) 244-0733

Coastal Marine Biolabs Integrative Biosciences Institute
Imondi, Ralph
Coastal Marine Biolabs Integrative Biosciences Institute<br><br>Executive Director and Project Planner

Santschi, Linda
Coastal Marine Biolabs Integrative Biosciences Institute<br><br>Scientific Director

Coe College
Affatigato, Mario
Coe College<br><br>Professor, Physics
(319) 399-8000

Noreuil, Susan
Coe College<br><br>Professor, Physics and Chemistry
(319) 399-8524

College of Saint Mary
Heilig, Michelle
College of Saint Mary<br><br>Admissions Advisor
(402) 399-2491

Keyte, Jeff
College of Saint Mary<br><br>Professor & Chair
(402) 399-2645

Colorado State University
Chavez, Ernest
Colorado State University<br><br>Professor, Psychology
(970) 491-1354

Marquart, Beverly
Colorado State University<br><br>Program Manager
(970) 491-6686

Whipple, Erin
Colorado State University<br><br>Program Support Coordinator
(970) 491-4306

Columbia University
Adams, Corey
Columbia University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Cohen , Gabriella
Columbia University<br><br>Postdoc Contact

Herrera, Justine
Columbia University<br><br>Assist Director, Academic Programs
(212) 305-2271

Osei-Sarfo, Kwame
Columbia University<br><br>Director

Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
Lee, Sharon
Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)<br><br>Project Coordinator

Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science
Mucciacito, Lisa
Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science<br><br>Program Contact

Cornell University
Bloome, Rebecca
Cornell University<br><br>REU Coordinator
(607) 255-4272

Gomez-Patron, Andie
Cornell University<br><br>CorGGLE Graduate Student Coordinator

Mosqueda (Campbell), Cindy
Cornell University<br><br>Associate Director

Nowack, Katja
Cornell University<br><br>Program Manager
(607) 255-1486

Paschall, Olivia
Cornell University<br><br>CorGGLE Graduate Student Coordinator

Pritchard, Matthew
Cornell University<br><br>Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Singhota, Nevjinder
Cornell University<br><br>Educational Programs Director, Center for Materials Research
(607) 255-1486

Dartmouth College
Culler, Lauren
Dartmouth College<br><br>Science Outreach Coordinator
603 646 8265

Stephenson, Natalie
Dartmouth College<br><br>Arctic Program Coordinator
(603) 646-1278

Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Hanback, Cassie
Dauphin Island Sea Lab<br><br>Administrative Assistant
251)861-2141 ext.7515

Hightower, Crystal
Dauphin Island Sea Lab<br><br>Senior Research Laboratory Manager

Miller-Way, Tina
Dauphin Island Sea Lab<br><br>Chair, Discovery Hall Programs for Education and Outreach
251-861-2141, 2257

Powers, Sean
Dauphin Island Sea Lab<br><br> Senior Marine Scientist III

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Shames, Eric
Denver Museum of Nature and Science<br><br>Teen Science Scholars Program Manager

Shuley, Moe
Denver Museum of Nature and Science<br><br>Adult Internships

Dillard University
Darwish, Abdalla
Dillard University<br><br>Professor, Physics
(504) 816-4840

Duke University
Endow, Sharyn
Duke University<br><br>Professor of Cellular Biology

McClain, Paula
Duke University<br><br>Professor, Dept. of Political Science
(919) 681-1560

Earlham College
Green, Joe
Earlham College<br><br>McNair Director
(765) 983-2677

McCormick, Donna
Earlham College<br><br>McNair Program Coordinator
(765) 973-2674

Earthwatch Institute
Zelada, Sarai
Earthwatch Institute <br><br>Senior Program Coordinator & DEI Program Specialist

Eco Circle International
Scarr, Georgia
Eco Circle International<br><br>Program Contact

Young, Chloe
Eco Circle International<br><br>Program Contact

Ecological Society of America (ESA)
Johnston, Jessica
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Education Programs Coordinator
(202) 833-8773

Mourad, Teresa
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Director, Education & Diversity Programs
(202) 833-8773 x 234

Elizabeth City State University
Abebe, Eyualem
Elizabeth City State University<br><br>Professor and Chair
(252) 335-3236

Dozier, Quay
Elizabeth City State University<br><br>Program contact

Gooden, Orestes
Elizabeth City State University<br><br>Program contact

Stanley, Kimberly
Elizabeth City State University<br><br>Upward Bound Program Contact

Emory University
James, Amanda
Emory University<br><br>Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Sejour, Ashley
EnCorps <br><br>EnCorps STEM Teachers Program Manager

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
Charles, Sandra
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)<br><br>Chief officer of equity, diversity and inclusion

Marc, Tracy
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)<br><br>Media Relations Manager

Florida A&M University
Greene, Byron
Florida A&M University<br><br>Project Manager, Florida-Georgia Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
(850) 561-2467

Florida State University
Staehling, Erica
Florida State University<br><br>Co-Director, Young Scholars Program
850) 644-6747

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Paleologos, Maria
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Geological Society of America
Dawson, Matthew
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education Programs Manager

Petrie, Lesley
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education & Outreach Program Coordinator

Georgia Southern University
Aiken, Karelle
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Professor
(912) 478-5238

Greer, Kania
Georgia Southern University<br><br>

Quirino, Rafael
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Associate Professor

Ramoutar, Ria
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Lecturer (Chemistry)
(912) 478-5055

Soloiu, Valentin
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Professor & Chair of renewable Energy
(912) 478-2293

Georgia State University
Baumstark, Alfons
Georgia State University<br><br>Professor, Chemistry Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(404) 413-5516

Gladstone Institutes
Doctors, Emma
Gladstone Institutes<br><br>Program Coordinator

Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity
Joseph, Joretta
Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity<br><br>Program Administrator
(213) 821-2409 , 800-854-NPSC

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Brewer, William
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Department Coordinator
(207) 228-1636

Cummings, Margaret
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Administrative Assistant
(207) 228-1650

Sherwood, Graham
Gulf of Maine Research Institute<br><br>Research Scientist, Demersal Ecology
(207) 228-1644

Harvard Medical School
Sequist, Thomas
Harvard Medical School<br><br>Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy

Harvard University
Baqai, Mariam
Harvard University<br><br>Director of University Partnerships

Barker Plotkin, Audrey
Harvard University<br><br>Summer Program Director

Clem, James
Harvard University<br><br>Managing Director

Ellin, Edythe
Harvard University<br><br>Director of Administration, Harvard Forest

Hanrahan, Laura
Harvard University<br><br>Communications Coordinator

Murphy, Jillian
Harvard University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Patel, Manisha
Harvard University<br><br>Summer Program Coordinator

Rosin, Faye
Harvard University<br><br>Director of Research Facilitation

Haskell Indian Nations University
Chapin, Bridgett
Haskell Indian Nations University<br><br>Haskell Program Director

Howard University
Deonauth, Kamla
Howard University<br><br>Director, Coordinator AGEP
(202) 806-5936

Athena, Lena
Ignited<br><br>Director of Operations, Marketing and HR

Dilger, Emily
Ignited<br><br>Chief Education Officer

Watkins, Syreeta
Ignited<br><br>Fellowship Manager
(408) 553-2258

Indiana University, Bloomington
Evans-Donaldson, Bianca
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Hurley, Laura
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology; Director CISAB-REU
(812) 856-1991

Summers, Linda
Indiana University, Bloomington<br><br>Administrative Assistant/Program Manager
(812) 855-9663

Indiana University, Indianapolis
Blum, Janice
Indiana University, Indianapolis<br><br>Director of the Graduate Office, IUPUI

Iowa State University
Campbell, Alexis
Iowa State University<br><br>Director Science Bound & AgDiscovery

Griffin, Maureen
Iowa State University<br><br>Professional Development Coordinator

Hall, Eric
Iowa State University<br><br>Professional Development Coordinator

Manahl, Michael
Iowa State University<br><br>AgDiscovery Program Manager (USDA)

Jackson Laboratory
Theeman, Meredith
Jackson Laboratory<br><br>Director, Predoctoral & Postdoctoral Education

Wojiski, Sarah
Jackson Laboratory<br><br>Director of Education

John A. Logan College
Barko, Valerie
John A. Logan College<br><br>Dean for Academic Affairs
(618) 985-8238

Johns Hopkins University
Jenkins, Sulaiman
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Director of Academic Programs

Kansas State University
Dille, Anita
Kansas State University<br><br>Professor

Menon, Sailesh
Kansas State University<br><br>Program Manager

Rice, Charles
Kansas State University<br><br>University Distinguished Professor

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Flood, Colette
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory<br><br>Internship Program Mgr
(510) 495-2648

Lawson State Community College
Briggs, Calvin
Lawson State Community College<br><br>Mathematics Instructor, Campus Coordinator GA LSAMP

Leadership Alliance
Kahn, Barbara
Leadership Alliance<br><br>National Coordinator of Undergraduate & Graduate Programs
(401) 863-7994

Lehigh University
Dierolf, Volkmar
Lehigh University<br><br>Professor, Physics

Louisiana State University
Johnson, Wynton
Louisiana State University<br><br>

Lavender, Heather
Louisiana State University<br><br>Education Coordinator

Markle, Robert
Louisiana State University<br><br>Program Manager

Williams, Kristen
Louisiana State University<br><br>Office of Strategic Initiatives, Program Coordinator

Williams-Carter, Tyrslai
Louisiana State University<br><br>Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives

Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium
Conover, Murt
Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium<br><br>Associate Director of Education and Outreach
(985) 851-2860

Roberts, Brian
Louisiana Universities and Marine Consortium<br><br>Associate Director of Science,Associate Professor,REU Program Director
(985) 851-2821

Madison Area Technical College
Benton, Chuck
Madison Area Technical College<br><br>Professor
(608) 246-6843

Sansing-Helton, Bethany
Madison Area Technical College<br><br>Math Instructor
(608) 246-6070

Maine Space Grant Consortium
Hall, Jana
Maine Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Controller & Director of Education Programs
(877) 397-7223

Maria Mitchell Association
Dubinsky, Jack
Maria Mitchell Association<br><br>Aquarium Director

Jorgenson, Regina
Maria Mitchell Association<br><br>Director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory

West, Michael
Maria Mitchell Association<br><br>Director of Astronomy

Marine Taxonomic Services, Ltd.
Mullins, Veronica
Marine Taxonomic Services, Ltd. <br><br>Scholarship Manager

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Anglon, ange
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives & MSRP
(617) 253-4846

Dalton, Susan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>RET Contact

Medical College of Wisconsin
Mallett, Jean
Medical College of Wisconsin<br><br>Program Manager

Medical University of South Carolina
Back, Sudie
Medical University of South Carolina<br><br>Director/PI, Diversity in Addiction Research Training (DART) Program

Bristol, Emily
Medical University of South Carolina<br><br>Program Coordinator, Diversity in Addiction Research Training (DART) Program

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Baudin, Vicky
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Project Portfolio Manager

Hutchinson, Simone
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Project Coordinator

Koppenaal, Richard
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Program Coordinator

Lewis, Shireen
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center<br><br>Administrative Manager for the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Michigan State University
Krishnan, Arjun
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Professor, CMSE, BMB

Merz, Kenneth
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber Enabled Research (iCER)

O'Shea, Brian
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER)

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Kumpaty, Subha
Milwaukee School of Engineering<br><br>Professor, Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7466

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC)
Leist, Loretta
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC)<br><br>MASGC Research Coordinator

Schneider, Melissa
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC)<br><br>Communications Coordinator

Sempier, Steve
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC)<br><br>Deputy Director, MASGC

Montana State University
Longcope, Dana
Montana State University<br><br>Professor

Qiu, Jiong
Montana State University<br><br>Associate professor
(406) 994-7253

Montclair State University
Lavin, Emma
Montclair State University<br><br>Assistant Director, PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

Nash, Morgan
Montclair State University<br><br>Program Administrator, PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

Tuininga, Amy
Montclair State University<br><br>Program Director, PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Matsumoto, George
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute<br><br>Senior Education & Research Specialist
(831) 775-1757

Mortimer B. Zuckerman Institute
Deshilton, Lina
Mortimer B. Zuckerman Institute <br><br>Executive Director, Zuckerman Institute Israel

Meroody, Ayela
Mortimer B. Zuckerman Institute <br><br>Marketing and Scholars Affairs Manager

Mote Marine Laboratory
Hodsdon, Gina
Mote Marine Laboratory<br><br>Student Engagement Manager

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)
Disney, Jane
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)<br><br>Associate Professor of Environmental Health
207-288-9880 ext 125

Lust, Hannah
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)<br><br>Assistant Director of Research Training and Outreach

Medlin, Judi
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)<br><br>Education Coordinator
207-288-9880 ext 100

Kloepfer, Rowena
NASA<br><br>Program Manager, Postdoctoral Programs
(818) 354-3649

NASA Ames Research Center
Biggs, Brenna
NASA Ames Research Center<br><br>Program Manager

Moustafa, Samiah
NASA Ames Research Center<br><br>NASA SARP/Associate Director of Research and Educational Development

Schaller, Emily
NASA Ames Research Center<br><br>NASA Airborne Science Program
(701) 317-0789

National Academies, The
Cohen, Gail
National Academies, The<br><br>Program Director

Klinker, Maeghan
National Academies, The<br><br>Communications Assistant

Konarzewska, Karolina
National Academies, The<br><br>Program Coordinator

Slatter , Emily
National Academies, The<br><br>Program Coordinator, Fellowships Office

Suydam, Melanie
National Academies, The<br><br>Senior Program Officer, Fellowships Office

National Academy of Sciences
Mazza, Anne-Marie
National Academy of Sciences<br><br>Program Director

National Institute of Aerospace
Dees, Stacy
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>RASC-AL Program Manager

Ford, Robin
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Coordinator

Miller, Janice
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Senior Program Coordinator

O'Leary, Victoria
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Support Specialist/RASC-AL Intern
(757) 325-6926

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Bond, Nick
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)<br><br>JISAO Climatologist

Fackler, claire
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)<br><br>Contact for Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Brennan, Susan
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br> Program Director
(703) 292-5096

Hahm, Jong-on
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program Director

Hill, Christopher
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program Director

Mitchell, Tyrone
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program Director, Chemistry Division, Math and Physical Sciences Directorate
(703) 292-4947

Native Forward Scholars Fund
Monette, Melvin
Native Forward Scholars Fund<br><br>President
(651) 357-7393

New York Institute of Technology
Dong, Ziqian
New York Institute of Technology<br><br>Professor
(646) 273-6129

New York University
Tissot, Catherine
New York University<br><br>Program Manager
(212) 854-4657

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Fiore, Julia
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics <br><br>Assistant Summer Programs Coordinator

Reed, Blake
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics <br><br>Associate Manager for Summer and Extended Programs

Stokley, Alicia
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics <br><br>Manager for Summer and Extended Programs

North Carolina State University
Jackson, Melvin "Jai"
North Carolina State University<br><br>Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement

Shafer, David
North Carolina State University<br><br>Assistant Dean for Outreach and Diversity
(919) 515-4462

Strader, Phillip
North Carolina State University<br><br>RTNN Associate Director

North Dakota State University
Christensen, Warren
North Dakota State University<br><br>Professor
(701) 231-6744

Huang, Ying
North Dakota State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Momsen, Jennifer
North Dakota State University<br><br>Director
(701) 231-5560

Wissman, Kathryn
North Dakota State University<br><br>REU Program Contact ;

Northeastern University
Campbell, Dorie
Northeastern University<br><br>Program Coordinator

O'Doherty, George
Northeastern University<br><br>Professor of Chemistry

Oyelaran, Oyinda
Northeastern University<br><br>Professor of Chemistry
(617) 373-4494

Wrighting, Diedra
Northeastern University<br><br>Executive Director

Northern Arizona University
Davidson, Paloma
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

Holeski, Liza
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Professor in the Biological Sciences

Martinez, Theodore
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Lecturer
(928) 523-3383

Whipple, Amy
Northern Arizona University<br><br>Associate Professor
(928) 523-8727

Northwestern University
Geller, Aaron
Northwestern University<br><br>Astronomer, Director CIERA REU
(847) 467-6233

Kirsammer, Gina
Northwestern University<br><br>Research Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology and Oncology)

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Casey, Jennifer
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education<br><br>Program Manager
(865) 574-8594

Dunn, Kathel
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education<br><br>PhD, Program Coordinator

Gregory, Igrid
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education<br><br>Program Manager

Woodbery, Will
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education<br><br>Communications specialist
(865) 241-6395

Oakland University
DelVescovo, Dan
Oakland University<br><br>Assistant Professor

Guessous, Laila
Oakland University<br><br>Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
(248) 370-2183

Ocean Exploration Trust
Cook, Megan
Ocean Exploration Trust<br><br>Community STEM Program Coordinator

Ohio State University
Boghrat, Diane
Ohio State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Chaffin, Justin
Ohio State University<br><br>Research Coordinator
(614) 292-8949

Crisafulli, Caroline
Ohio State University<br><br>REACH Coordinator

Musson, Katie
Ohio State University<br><br>Program contact

Wagner, Laura
Ohio State University<br><br>Professor

Oklahoma State University
Kirksey, Jason
Oklahoma State University<br><br>VP, Diversity
(405) 744-9154

Morales, Brenda
Oklahoma State University<br><br>Director, Oklahoma LSAMP

Old Dominion University
Carter, Chris
Old Dominion University<br><br>Deputy Director, Virginia Space Grant Consortium

Gauthier, David
Old Dominion University<br><br>Associate Professor

Sanford, Tysha
Old Dominion University<br><br>Educational Program Specialist

Torres, Hannah
Old Dominion University<br><br>Assistant Director for Research Operations, Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Oregon Health & Science University
Mattson, Parker
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Moran, Amy
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Associate Professor of Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology

Ozburn, Angela
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Co-director of OFDIR

Westbrook, Gary
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Program Co-Director

Wyatt, Letisha
Oregon Health & Science University<br><br>Assistant Professor of Neurology, Director of Diversity in Research

Oregon State University
Cheung, Itchung
Oregon State University<br><br>Program principal investigator, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport
(541) 867-0380

Epperly, Haley
Oregon State University<br><br>Summer Scholarship Liaison

Rahilly, Kristen
Oregon State University<br><br>Director of Education

Yalcin, Kaplan
Oregon State University<br><br>Senior Instructor and Assistant Dean, Co-Director
(541) 737-1230

Pennsylvania State University
Brennan, Rachel
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Jenkins, Gregory
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Professor of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Geography, and African Studies
(814) 865-0479

Mathews, Tiffany
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Director and Co-PI

Najjar, Raymond
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Professor of Oceanography; Co-director REU Climate Sciences
(814) 863-1586

Nese, Jon
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Associate Head, Undergraduate Program in Meteorology
(814) 863-4076

Reed, Cindy
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Assistant Director, Student Research and Graduate Equity

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Carroll, Megan
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center<br><br>Project Manager

Portland State University
Siefert, Audrey
Portland State University<br><br>REU Coordinator

Potomac Association for Computing Machinery Chapter
Martin, Ross
Potomac Association for Computing Machinery Chapter<br><br>Program Director

Prairie View A&M University
Regisford, Gloria
Prairie View A&M University<br><br>Associate Professor of Biology
(936) 261-3165

Princeton University
Chahboune, Halima
Princeton University<br><br>Assistant Director

Wagoner, Kasey
Princeton University<br><br>Lecturer

Purdue University
Bescher, Theresa
Purdue University<br><br>Administrative Assistant
765 494-0945

Dixon, Kathy
Purdue University<br><br>Midwest Crossroads AGEP, Director
(765) 496-1123

Dixon, Kathy
Purdue University<br><br>Director

Leavitt, Vicki
Purdue University<br><br>Program Manager

Mason, Linda
Purdue University<br><br>Associate Dean, Graduate School

Quest Student Research Institute
Guner, Irem
Quest Student Research Institute<br><br>Program Support Specialist, Research Assistant

Maskey, Sabina
Quest Student Research Institute<br><br>Research Associate, Grant Writer

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Perretto, Lawrence
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals<br><br>Founder and Executive Director

Rutgers University
Criollo, Gisselle
Rutgers University<br><br>

Erenrich, Evelyn
Rutgers University<br><br>Associate Dean
(848) 932-9286

Gallos, Lazaros
Rutgers University<br><br>Associate Director
(848) 445-0075

Moghe, Prabhas
Rutgers University<br><br>Executive VP of Academic Affairs
(732) 445-4951

Williams-Lopez , Dawn
Rutgers University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(848) 932-6584

Salisbury University
Lu, Enyue
Salisbury University<br><br>Associate Professor of Computer Science
(410) 543-6144

San Francisco State University
Bevan, Alexandra
San Francisco State University<br><br>MS candidate

Hines, Ellen
San Francisco State University<br><br>Graduate Program Coordinator

Stillman, Jonathon
San Francisco State University<br><br>Professor, Lead Grant PIC

Santa Fe Institute
Galesic, Mirta
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Professor and Cowan Chair in Human Social Dynamics

Skolnik, Hilary
Santa Fe Institute<br><br>Program Manager
(505) 946-3643

Santa Rosa Junior College
Vazquez, Araceli
Santa Rosa Junior College<br><br>Outreach Specialist

Shawnee Community College
Armstrong, Lori
Shawnee Community College<br><br>Life Science Instructor
(618) 634-3313

Simons Foundation
Lee-Johnson, Seran
Simons Foundation<br><br>Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Smithsonian Institution
Fitzgerald, Karen
Smithsonian Institution<br><br>Outreach
(202) 633-0814

Sonoma State University
Bournes, Kerry Jo
Sonoma State University<br><br>Associate Director – Pre-Collegiate Programs

Jimenez, Lucero
Sonoma State University<br><br>Outreach Advisor- Math and Science

Jones, Gerald
Sonoma State University<br><br>Director of Upward Bound Programs

Tapia, Naib
Sonoma State University<br><br>Outreach Advisor for Upward Bound North

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
West, Michael
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology<br><br>Assistant Professor, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department
(605) 394-1283

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Goodson, Boyd
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale<br><br>Professor
(618) 453-6427

Renzaglia, Karen
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale<br><br>McNair Director, Bridges to the Doctorate
(618) 453-3229

Talapatra, Saikat
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale<br><br>Associate Professor of Physics
:(618) 453-2270

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Martinez, Adriana
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville<br><br>Associate Professor, Principal Investigator

Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge
Bagayoko, Diola
Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge<br><br>Professor and Chair, Director
(225) 771-2730

Modica, Chandler
Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge<br><br>Budget Manager and Research Associate

Space Telescope Science Institute
Rueter, Christine
Space Telescope Science Institute<br><br>Senior Human Resources
(410) 338-5089

Sembach, Kenneth
Space Telescope Science Institute<br><br>Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute
410 338 5051

Stanford University
Brown, Joseph
Stanford University<br><br>Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer
(650) 724-7437

Grille, Priscilla
Stanford University<br><br>Program Manager

Kleppner, Sofie
Stanford University<br><br>Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
(650) 725-5075

Lozano, Noe Pablo
Stanford University<br><br>Faculty

Phung, Michelle
Stanford University<br><br>Program Manager, Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI)

Robinson, Antonio
Stanford University<br><br>Recruitment & Engagement Program Manager

Steele, Latishya
Stanford University<br><br>Director of Biosciences Programs

Sugiura, Robin
Stanford University<br><br>Director of Postdoctoral Training

van de Ven, Stephanie
Stanford University<br><br>Deputy Director Canary Center

Zuniga, Jessica
Stanford University<br><br>Program coordinator

State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo
Marshall, Liz
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Graduate Program Coordinator; Senior Assistant for Communications and Research
(716) 829-5219

Pumphrey, Graham
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>iSEED Senior Coordinator

Thomas, Letitia
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Assistant Vice Provost
(716) 645-3071

State University of New York (SUNY), Oneonta
Devins, Nancy
State University of New York (SUNY), Oneonta<br><br>Administrative Assitant, Biological Field Station

Harman, Willard
State University of New York (SUNY), Oneonta<br><br>Director, Biological Field Station

Yokota, Kiyoko
State University of New York (SUNY), Oneonta<br><br>Biological Field Station Committee Chair

State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Ospitale, Lisa
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Program Coordinator

Wright, Karian
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Program Manager

Syracuse University
Hamilton, Tamara
Syracuse University<br><br>ULSAMP Director
(315) 443-2622

Jakischa, Jonathan
TechConnect<br><br>Senior Manager: Open Innovation Programs

Texas A&M University
Fares, Ali
Texas A&M University<br><br>Professor of Water Security

Fowler, Rhonda
Texas A&M University<br><br>AGEP Program Coordinator
(979) 862-8027

Gerlich, Ryan
Texas A&M University<br><br>Extension Program Specialist

Jantrania, Anish
Texas A&M University<br><br>Associate Professor/Extension Specialist

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Bird, Chris
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Associate Professor

Coffin, Richard
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Department Chair and Professor of the College of Science and Technology
(361) 825-2814

Gonzales, Xavier
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi<br><br>Research Scientist
(361) 825-3824

Texas A&M University, Galveston
Lamphere, Jenna
Texas A&M University, Galveston<br><br>Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Challoo, Linda
Texas A&M University, Kingsville<br><br>Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies

Nelson, Shad
Texas A&M University, Kingsville<br><br>Professor, Soil, Plant and Water Sciences, Dean
(361) 593-3953

Texas State University, San Marcos
Passty, Greg
Texas State University, San Marcos<br><br>Assistant Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Romanella, Susan
Texas State University, San Marcos<br><br>Director, NSF H-LSAMP Scholars Program

Tulane University
Albert, Julie
Tulane University<br><br>Associate Professor

Ashbaugh, Henry
Tulane University<br><br>SMART Director
(504) 862-8258

Tuskegee University
Bolden-Tiller, Olga
Tuskegee University<br><br>Dean - College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences
(334) 727-8403

Essamuah-Quansah, Joseph
Tuskegee University<br><br>Associate Professor, Program Director

Farid, Rashidah
Tuskegee University<br><br>Research Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology

Hooks, Marilyn
Tuskegee University<br><br>Program Director
(334) 727-8453

Williams, Tiffani
Tuskegee University<br><br>Program Assistant
(334) 727-8453

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Bannan, Kate
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)<br><br>Communications and Outreach Manager

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Aleman Gonzalez, Wilma B
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)<br><br>Staff Scientist

Mosley, James
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)<br><br>Program Analyst Outreach Coordinator

Wilkins, Aleeza
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)<br><br>Staff Scientist

U.S. National Park Service
Soto, Limaris (Lima)
U.S. National Park Service<br><br>Program Coordinator
(303) 969-2082

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Charles, Paul
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory<br><br>NRL Program Coordinator

Parker, Joshua
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory<br><br>Contact for The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWCIAS)
(202) 238-7925

Russo-Nixon, Kelsey
UNAVCO<br><br>Geo-Launchpad Program Manager

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU)
Numanoi, Mari
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU)<br><br>Lab contact for NREIP

Universities Space Research Association (USRA)
Tallent, Jessica
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)<br><br>Program Lead

University of A Coruña
Almécija, Ana
University of A Coruña <br><br>European Project Manager

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Seay, Randy
University of Alabama, Birmingham<br><br>Program Manager
(205) 934-4092

University of Alabama, Huntsville
Hamblock, Peter
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>EPSCoR Project Manager

Waller, Dana
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>Outreach Coordinator

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Borland, Tara
University of Alaska, Fairbanks<br><br>Fellowship Coordinator

Cain, Molly
University of Alaska, Fairbanks<br><br>

Eckert, Ginny
University of Alaska, Fairbanks<br><br>Alaska Sea Grant Director
(907) 796-6450

University of Arizona
Hennig, Amee
University of Arizona<br><br>Education & Outreach Coordinator, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-8253

Huff MacPherson, Allison
University of Arizona<br><br>Education Director, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-0174

Leon, Manny
University of Arizona<br><br>Assistant Director, Early Academic Outreach & MESA

Treloar, Donna
University of Arizona<br><br>Director, Graduate Diversity Initiatives
(520) 621-7808

University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Baillie, Mark
University of Arkansas, Little Rock<br><br>STRIVE Director
(501) 301-4695

Winter, Jim
University of Arkansas, Little Rock<br><br>Project Director, Arkansas STRIVE Program
(501) 569-8069

University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff
Buckner, Anissa
University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff<br><br>Professor, Biology
(870) 575-7113

University of California System
Erwin, Kathleen
University of California System<br><br>Director, Research Initiatives
(510) 987-9889

Wu, Jessica
University of California System<br><br>Program Officer
(510) 987-0329

University of California, Berkeley
Adkinson, Kimberly
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Program Manager, President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program,
(510) 643-8235

Groce, Portia
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>UC Fellowship Coordinator

Horton, Grace
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Lab Manager

Lawson, Mark
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>UC Fellowship Coordinator

University of California, Irvine
Fabrega, Daniel
University of California, Irvine<br><br>Manager, Outreach, Recruitment and Retention
(949) 824-8730

Friend, Kika
University of California, Irvine<br><br>CAMP Coordinator
(949) 824-2363

University of California, Los Angeles
Hasson, Tama
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Director, URC/CARE Summer Research Program
(310) 825-9277

Herrera, William
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Education Coordinator

University of California, Merced
Kouadio, Carrie
University of California, Merced<br><br>Executive Director, CCBM

University of California, Riverside
Eulgem, Thomas
University of California, Riverside<br><br>Professor of Plant Cell Biology
(951) 827-7740

Rasmussen, Carolyn
University of California, Riverside<br><br>Contact for REU in Biology

University of California, San Diego
Bond, Janka
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Assistant Director

Brydges, Stacey
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Teaching Professor; Director of Education & Outreach

McCulloch, Andrew
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Director, UCSD Bioengineering Graduate Training Programs
(858) 534-2547

Mukanovic, Azra
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Contact for IRACDA

Raymond, Kelley
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Interim Interfaces Program Coordinator

Trejo, Joann
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Professor, Pharmacology
(858) 246-0150

Yang, Angeline
University of California, San Diego<br><br>

University of California, Santa Barbara
Ibsen, Wendy
University of California, Santa Barbara<br><br>Program Coordinator

Limon, Monique
University of California, Santa Barbara<br><br>Director of McNair Program
(805) 893-3710

Morgan, Micaela
University of California, Santa Barbara<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of Central Florida
Hawthorne, Timothy
University of Central Florida<br><br>Associate Professor of GIS

University of Cincinnati
Layne, John
University of Cincinnati<br><br>Program Manager

Rollmann, Stephanie
University of Cincinnati<br><br>Program Contact

University of Colorado, Boulder
Hernandez, Mark
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Professor of Civil Engineering
(303) 492-5991

Kazimer, Julie
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Kraus, Barbara
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Project Manager, AGEP
(303) 492-5779

Lopez, Kristin
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Academic Services Associate Director DIVERSITY & EQUITY

McCready, Lynn
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>CSDMS Executive Assistant

Overeem, Irina
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Associate Professor, Geological Science and INSTAAR
(303) 492-6631

Reeves, Ryan
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Senior Research Development Coordinator

Sullivan, Susan
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>CIRES Director of Diversity

Turczyn, Amahl
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of Connecticut
Arbelo, Ulises
University of Connecticut<br><br>Educational Program Assistant

Crivello, Joseph
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor

Menuz, Karen
University of Connecticut<br><br>Professor

Siedlecki, Samantha
University of Connecticut<br><br>Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences

University of Delaware
Berg, Mike
University of Delaware<br><br>Science and Technology Director

Bothi, Kim
University of Delaware<br><br>Executive Director

Fylak, Beth
University of Delaware<br><br>Assistant to the Director

Herbert, Katie
University of Delaware<br><br>Scientific Program Manager

Korley, LaShanda
University of Delaware<br><br>Professor
(302) 831-0937

Madanat, Joseph
University of Delaware<br><br>Program Coordinator

McAfee, LaRuth
University of Delaware<br><br>Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate College

Miller, Jeanette
University of Delaware<br><br>Associate Director, Delaware Environmental Institute
(302) 831-4167

University of Florida
Donnelly, Anne
University of Florida<br><br>Director, Center for Undergraduate Research
(352) 846-0153

University of Houston
Ferdowsi, Behrooz
University of Houston<br><br>Assistant Professor

Pariyothorn, Matthew
University of Houston<br><br>Director, Academic Operations

University of Illinois, Chicago
Bryson, Allen
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>SROP Coordinator, Graduate College
(312) 413-2558

Mutso, Amelia
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Associate Director of Research

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Alvarado, Ave Maria
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Executive Director, Graduate College Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Gritten, Jodi
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Program contact

Heemstra, Jill
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Educational Design Specialist

Krein, Phil
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Program Contact

Muskin, Joseph
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Visiting Education Coordinator
(217) 265-6481

Pena Martin, Pamela
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>REU Coordinator
(217) 300-6699

Rodriguez, Luis
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Associate Professor - Project Director

Stablein, Michael
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>, Ph.D. Candidate - Project Manager

Wong, Daniel
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Associate Director, Educational Equity Programs

Young, Celine
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Managing Director

Zerai, Assata
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Professor, Sociology
(217) 333-1850

University of Iowa
Barajas, Richard
University of Iowa<br><br>Administrative Director

Jensen, Jessica
University of Iowa<br><br>Program Secretary

Lara, Elizabeth
University of Iowa<br><br>Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director

University of Kansas
Barybin, Mikhail
University of Kansas<br><br>Site co-director REU

Benson, David
University of Kansas<br><br>Professor, Site Director REU
(785) 864-4090

Denning, Kathy
University of Kansas<br><br>Program Coordinator

Frank, Mandy
University of Kansas<br><br>Education Specialist

Guzman, Roberto
University of Kansas<br><br>Professor, Molecular Biosciences
(785) 864-4923

Johnson, Jay
University of Kansas<br><br>Co-Director

Knight, Elaine
University of Kansas<br><br>Program Secretary

McClure, Katrina
University of Kansas<br><br>Program Coordinator

Timmons, Lisa
University of Kansas<br><br>Program Manager

University of Louisville
Hughe, Denise
University of Louisville<br><br>Administrative Manager

Irving, Joshua
University of Louisville<br><br>Program Director and Chair

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Johnson, Justine
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Associate Director, Meyerhoff Graduate Program

Medina, Yarazeth
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Program Coordinator

Summers, Michael
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Professor, Chemistry and BioChemistry

University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science
Allen, Mike
University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science<br><br>Associate Director for Research and Administration
(301) 405-6372

Flight, Chris
University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science<br><br>Professional Development and Aquaculture Education Coordinator
(301) 405-7500

University of Maryland, College Park
Cooper, Evelyn
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Assistant Dean & Director

Duncan, Candice
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Brower, Zachary
University of Massachusetts, Amherst<br><br>Program Manager

O'Rourke, Erin
University of Massachusetts, Amherst<br><br>Provost Summer College
(413) 577-2112

University of Massachusetts, Boston
Boyle, Elizabeth
University of Massachusetts, Boston<br><br>Undergraduate Program Coordinator, School for the Environment

Craig, Sarah
University of Massachusetts, Boston<br><br>Director of Summer Programs

Skvirsky, Rachel
University of Massachusetts, Boston<br><br>Professor, Biology
(617) 287-6617

University of Michigan
Agour, Ruba
University of Michigan<br><br>ADVANCE team Member

Beard, Shawn
University of Michigan<br><br>Research Associate, ADVANCE Program

Bodiya, Beth
University of Michigan<br><br>Resource Contact for Postdoctoral Fellows

Howe, Laura
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Director

Laramore-Josey, Kafi
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Manager-Doris Duke Scholarship

Marsik, Frank
University of Michigan<br><br>Associate Research Scientist
(734) 763-5369

Otudor, Ima
University of Michigan<br><br>Program Manager
(734) 936-0900

Pfund, Jessica
University of Michigan<br><br>Contact for PICASSO program

Reifler, Aaron
University of Michigan<br><br>Postdoc Program Coordinator

Swanson, Michele
University of Michigan<br><br>Director; Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Microbial Pathogenesis Fellows Program
(734) 647-7295

Washington, Shira
University of Michigan<br><br>Coordinator for Graduate Education
(734) 647-7090

Zhu, Junjie
University of Michigan<br><br>Professor
(734) 647-7201

University of Minnesota
Engen, Phil
University of Minnesota<br><br>Education & Outreach Coordinator
(612) 626-0798

Jonkman, Pam
University of Minnesota<br><br>Program Coordinator

McCambridge, Jennifer
University of Minnesota<br><br>Director of Education, Outreach, and Diversity
(612) 301-9429

Rogers, Mary
University of Minnesota<br><br>Associate Professor

University of Minnesota, Duluth
Olson, Kyrsten
University of Minnesota, Duluth<br><br>Student Program Coordinator

University of Missouri, Columbia
Arouca, Raquel
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives, Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education

Beversdorf, David
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Chair of Graduate Recruitment Committee

Carney, Paul
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Director of INP

Sarveswaran, Valli
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Director of Postdoctoral Education

University of Navarre
Nieva, Ainhoa
University of Navarre <br><br>Program Contact

University of New Hampshire
Cahill, Kristin
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Coordinator
(603) 862-1900

Hale, Stephen
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Research Associate

Martell, Samantha
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Internship Coordinator

Minocha, Subhash
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology and Genetics, Dept. of Biological Sciences
(603) 862-3840

Petlon, John
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Internship Coordinator

Shortt, Maria
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Program Coordinator

Wilson, Fiona
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer

University of New Mexico
Hallmark, Alesia
University of New Mexico<br><br>Program Manager

Manzanilla, Elaine
University of New Mexico<br><br>Education Specialist
(502) 272-4087

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Anderson-Thompkins, Sibby
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Director of Postdoctoral Affairs
(919) 962-9982

Arnold, Nicole
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Program Director

Braunstein, Miriam
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Professor/PI
(919) 966-5051

Cahoon, Jim
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Associate Professor

Peifer, Mark
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Professor/PI
1 (919) 962-2271

Pruitt, Jennifer
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Program Coordinator
(919) 962-9982

Ragland, Debra
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br><br>Program Director

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Dulin, Andrea
University of North Carolina, Charlotte<br><br>Postdoctoral Faculty

Huet-Hudson, Yvette
University of North Carolina, Charlotte<br><br>Professor, Biology

University of North Texas Health Science Center
Menegaz, Rachel
University of North Texas Health Science Center <br><br>Assistant Professor

University of Notre Dame
Lowery, John
University of Notre Dame<br><br>Recruitment Strategies Program Director

McDonald, Nyree
University of Notre Dame<br><br>Associate Dean, Enrollment Management
(574) 631-8421

University of Pennsylvania
Bidstrup-Allen, Sue Ann
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Professor

Cottone, Amanda
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Program Manager

Essoka, Yulanda
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Director, NSF/PHILADELPHIA AMP

Falcon, Julia
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrator, SUNFEST Program

Greenberg, Adam
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Henderson, Anita
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Senior Fellow, Office of the Deputy Dean · The Wharton School

Jeong, Annie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Managing Director, Education and Diversity

Licurse, Mark
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Director of Education and Outreach at LRSM
(215) 898-6461

Mayol, Ana-Rita
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Co-PI and Education Coordinator

McGonigle, Jim
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Managing Director at the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology
(215) 898-5151

Perez Sarmiento, Karen
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Graduate student, Physics and Astronomy

Pulaski, Annie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Rook, Josie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Vice Provost for Research

Saia, Maggie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Director, Wharton Doctoral Programs

Small, Dylan
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Professor of Statistics and Data Science
(215) 573-5241

Wallace, Ashley
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Assistant Director, Education and Outreach
(215) 898-3446

University of Pittsburgh
Goldberg, Mary
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator, SHRS-Rehab Science & Technology
(412) 822-3693

Milleville, Maria
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator
(412) 822-3668

University of Rhode Island
Menezes, Sunshine
University of Rhode Island<br><br>Executive Director

Neel, Phoebe
University of Rhode Island<br><br>Communications Specialist

University of Rochester
Hamell , Stephon
University of Rochester<br><br>Assistant Director for College Programs

University of South Alabama
Gong, Na
University of South Alabama<br><br>Co Director

Zha, Shenghua
University of South Alabama<br><br>Co Director of RET

University of Southern California
Alba, Kathlynn
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Noriega, Gabriela
University of Southern California<br><br>Manager of Experiential Learning and Career Advancement

Walker, Angela
University of Southern California<br><br>Assistant Director

Welsh, Allison
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative contact

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Alexandre, Gladys
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>Principal Investigator

Haynes, Sekeenia
University of Tennessee, Knoxville<br><br>PEER Program Manager

University of Texas Medical Branch
Lockett-Ware, Lela
University of Texas Medical Branch<br><br>Student ADA Coordinator
(409) 747-4818

Teed, Laura
University of Texas Medical Branch<br><br>Coordinator, Special Programs

University of Texas, Austin
Bland, Marques
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>REU Recruitment Coordinator

Gomez, Rosalia
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Education & Outreach Manager, Research Associate

Montoya, Didey
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>

Reid, Geoffrey
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Outreach Program Coordinator

University of Texas, El Paso
Arciero-Pino, Ariana
University of Texas, El Paso<br><br>Associate Director at UT System LSAMP
(915) 747-8725

Flores, Benjamin
University of Texas, El Paso<br><br>UT LSAMP Director, Engineering Educator and Researcher, STEM Mentor
(915) 747-6005

Moody, Michael
University of Texas, El Paso<br><br>Associate Professor
(915) 747-5087

University of Texas, San Antonio
Nelson, Robin
University of Texas, San Antonio<br><br>Education Specialist

University of Utah
Garcia, Maria
University of Utah<br><br>Research Scientist/REU Coordinator

Hallar, Gannet
University of Utah<br><br>Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Holsti, Maija
University of Utah<br><br>Director, proffessor of pediatrics
(801) 662-1000

Slattum, Gloria
University of Utah<br><br>Training Managerr
801 587-1281

Willie, Scott
University of Utah<br><br>NARI program coordinator

Yost, H. Joseph
University of Utah<br><br>Principal Investigator

University of Virginia
Baird, Cora
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Coordinator and Site Director

Morgan, Kristin
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Director VA-NV LSAMP
(434) 243-3660

University of Washington
Arnette, Christopher
University of Washington<br><br>Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Averick, Fred
University of Washington<br><br>Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
206 616-6763

Bertolino, Athena
University of Washington<br><br>Program Manager

Bould, Julie
University of Washington<br><br>Program Operations Specialist
206 897-5732

De Yoreo, James
University of Washington<br><br>Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering

Gamelin, Daniel
University of Washington<br><br>Director, MEMC

Gardner, Stephanie
University of Washington<br><br>Associate Director, LSAMP

Giebel, Brian
University of Washington<br><br>Program Administrator
(206) 616-7297

Harris, Jennifer
University of Washington<br><br>Associate Director, Undergraduate Research Program
(206) 616-3586

Holtgrieve, Gordon
University of Washington<br><br>Director and Associate Professor

Horne, John
University of Washington<br><br>Professor and Director, JISAO

Lange, Sheila
University of Washington<br><br>Vice President and Vice Provost for Minority Affairs and Diversity
(206) 543-2441

Li, Xiaosong
University of Washington<br><br>Boand Endowed Professor of Chemistry

Manucharyan, Georgy
University of Washington<br><br>Assistant Professor

Queitsch, Christine
University of Washington<br><br>Program Director, Professor of Genome Sciences

Salazar, Anthony
University of Washington<br><br>Graduate Diversity Program Specialist
(206) 616-3513

Stepanova-Pednekar, Smita
University of Washington<br><br>Program Operations Specialist

Taylor, Shaun
University of Washington<br><br>Director of Education and Human Resource Development

Thompson, Jed
University of Washington<br><br>Education/Outreach and Communications Specialist
(206) 616-3845

University of Waterloo
Kovacevic, Lana
University of Waterloo<br><br>Operations and Events Coordinator

Kuntz, Kimberly
University of Waterloo<br><br>Manager, Outreach & Events

University of West Georgia
Swamy-Mruthinti, Satyanarayana
University of West Georgia<br><br>Associate Dean, Campus Coordinator GA-LSAMP
(378) 839-5190

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Coover, Gail
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Executive Director, WiscAMP
(608) 263-1138

Hackel, Denny
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Scientific Instrumentation Integration Engineer

Hartley, Sigan
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Associate Professor

Henning, Melissa
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Human Resources Manager

Postle, Brad
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Director
(608) 262-4330

Schafer, Eric
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Assistant to the Director

Thomas, Denise
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Financial Specialist
(608) 262-7764

University of Wyoming
Candelaria, Megan
University of Wyoming<br><br>Associate Director, NASA Space Grant

McBride, Shawna
University of Wyoming<br><br>Associate Director, Wyoming Space Grant

Ogden, Samantha
University of Wyoming<br><br>Program Coordinator – K-12 and NASA EPSCoR

Turner, Michele
University of Wyoming<br><br>Program Coordinator

Van Andel Research Institute
Mayo, Christy
Van Andel Research Institute<br><br>Enrollment and Records Administrator

Villanova University
Coleman, Linda
Villanova University<br><br>Assoc Directir for Multicultural Affairs
(610) 519-4074

Jones, Stephen
Villanova University<br><br>Associate Dean-Student & Strategic Programs (grades 9-12)
(610) 519-5439

Virginia Space Grant Consortium
Bellows, Scott
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Technical Programs Coordinator

Brown, Melissa
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Program Manager

Shaw, Nicole
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Program Manager

Wake Forest University
Rahbar, Ellie
Wake Forest University<br><br>Program Co-Director

Smith, Thea
Wake Forest University<br><br>REU Administrative Program Coordinator

Weaver, Ashley
Wake Forest University<br><br>Program Co-Director

Washington State University
Boll, Jan
Washington State University<br><br>CEREO Interim Director
(509) 335-4767

Haemmerli, Hannah
Washington State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Padowski, Julie
Washington State University<br><br>Associate Professor

West Texas A&M University
Schrock, Teresa
West Texas A&M University<br><br>Executive Assistant
(806) 651-2738

West Virginia University
Popp, Brian
West Virginia University<br><br>Professor
(304) 293-0773

Richards-Babb, Michelle
West Virginia University<br><br>Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(304) 293-3998

Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP)
Fabiano, Janell
Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) <br><br>Fellowship Committee Chair

Morinini, Lisa
Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) <br><br>Executive Director

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Simpkins, Grace
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution<br><br>Woods Hole Sea Grant Educator

Woodwell Climate Research Center
Golden, Nigel
Woodwell Climate Research Center<br><br>Postdoctoral Researcher

Holmes, Max
Woodwell Climate Research Center<br><br>President and CEO

Natali, Susan
Woodwell Climate Research Center<br><br>Program Director

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Emdad, Fatemeh
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Associate Teaching Professor

Heffernan, Neil
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Professor
(508) 831-5000 x5569

Rundensteiner, Elke
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Data Science Program Director

Wright State University
Mason, Evan
Wright State University<br><br> Office of Disability Services

Yale University
Manvi, Zeva
Yale University<br><br>Director of Admissions for Yale Young Global Scholars
(203) 436-9391