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Contacts associated with programs in Computer

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Bethel College
Krehbiel, Dwight
Bethel College<br><br>Professor of Psychology, Institute Co-Director

BHW Group
Francis, Paul
BHW Group <br><br>Scholarship Coordinator

Boise State University
Babinkostova, Liljana
Boise State University<br><br>Professor
(208) 426-2896

Serra, Edoardo
Boise State University<br><br>Data Driven Security REU Contact

Spezzano, Francesca
Boise State University<br><br>Data Driven Security REU Contact

Boston University
Lyman, Caroline
Boston University<br><br>Assistant Director
(617) 358-0752

Vasquez, Johanna
Boston University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Serrato Marks, Gabriela
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard<br><br>Senior Program Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate Training

California Institute of Technology
Weinstein, Alan
California Institute of Technology<br><br>Professor
(626) 395-2166

California Maritime Academy
Yip, Frank
California Maritime Academy<br><br>LSAMP Coordinator
(707) 654-1000

California State University, Sacramento
Campos, Nicole
California State University, Sacramento<br><br>Project Manager, CSU-LSAMP
(916) 278-6519

Carnegie Mellon University
Burcin, Rachel
Carnegie Mellon University<br><br>Global Programs Manager
412 268 4272

Clarkson University
Hou, Daqing
Clarkson University<br><br>Professor

Liu, Yu
Clarkson University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Clemson University
Harrell, William
Clemson University<br><br>Associate Professor
(864) 656-5918

Harris, Amanda
Clemson University<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Colorado State University
Sutton, Alauna
Colorado State University<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Columbia University
Osei-Sarfo, Kwame
Columbia University<br><br>Director

Columbus State University
Peker, Yesem
Columbus State University<br><br>Associate Professor
706 507 8187

Perez, Alfredo
Columbus State University<br><br>Associate Professor
(706) 507 8194

Cornell University
Mosqueda (Campbell), Cindy
Cornell University<br><br>Associate Director

Duke University
Frierson, Johnna
Duke University<br><br>Asst Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Diversity & Inclusion

Jokerst, Nan
Duke University<br><br>Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Diversity and Inclusion

Ecological Society of America (ESA)
Johnston, Jessica
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Education Programs Coordinator
(202) 833-8773

Mourad, Teresa
Ecological Society of America (ESA)<br><br>Director, Education & Diversity Programs
(202) 833-8773 x 234

EquiTech Futures
Aishwarya, Ayushi
EquiTech Futures <br><br> Program Associate

Murray, Thomas
EquiTech Futures <br><br>Chief Community Officer

Florida International University
Akkaya, Kemal
Florida International University<br><br>Professor, ECE

Uluagac, A. Selcuk
Florida International University<br><br>Professor

Geological Society of America
Dawson, Matthew
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education Programs Manager

Petrie, Lesley
Geological Society of America<br><br>Education & Outreach Program Coordinator

Georgia Institute of Technology
Conrad, Leyla
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Director, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering Science
(404) 385-0439

Jackson-Truitt, Tia
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Director of Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(404) 385-1823

Mazumdar, Anirban
Georgia Institute of Technology<br><br>Assistant Professor

Georgia Southern University
Greer, Kania
Georgia Southern University<br><br>

Soloiu, Valentin
Georgia Southern University<br><br>Professor & Chair of renewable Energy
(912) 478-2293

Georgia State University
Beyah, Raheem
Georgia State University<br><br>Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research, Executive Director of the Online Masters of Cybersecurity program (OMS Cybersecurity)
(404) 931-3255

Harvard University
Reeves, Kathy
Harvard University<br><br>Astrophysicist
(617) 726-3474

Athena, Lena
Ignited<br><br>Director of Operations, Marketing and HR

Dilger, Emily
Ignited<br><br>Chief Education Officer

Watkins, Syreeta
Ignited<br><br>Fellowship Manager
(408) 553-2258

Johns Hopkins University
Etienne-Cummings, Ralph
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Professor, Engineering, PI, Engineering Research Center REU
(410) 516-3494

Jenkins, Sulaiman
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Director of Academic Programs

Sampath, Anita
Johns Hopkins University<br><br>Professor, Engineering
(410) 516-6841

Kansas State University
King, Brenee
Kansas State University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(785) 532-6054

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fogerty, Shane
Los Alamos National Laboratory<br><br>Scientist

Louisiana State University
Moreno, Juana
Louisiana State University<br><br>Professor, Physics
(225) 578-7586

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Harris, Philip
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>Assistant Professor

Kotary, Nancy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>Communications Officer

Orta, Monica
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)<br><br>Assist Director, Diversity Initiatives & Summer Research Program
(617) 253-4846

Michigan State University
Krishnan, Arjun
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Professor, CMSE, BMB

Merz, Kenneth
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber Enabled Research (iCER)

O'Shea, Brian
Michigan State University<br><br>Director, Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER)

MIT Haystack Observatory
Erickson, Philip
MIT Haystack Observatory<br><br>Assistant Director, Principal Research Scientist, Geospace Group Lead

Fish, Vincent
MIT Haystack Observatory<br><br>Research Scientist

Montana State University
Des Jardins, Angela
Montana State University<br><br>Director, Montana Space Grant Consortium (MSGC)
(406) 994-6172

Harmon, Christina
Montana State University<br><br>Program Coordinator
(406) 994-4223

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Matsumoto, George
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute<br><br>Senior Education & Research Specialist
(831) 775-1757

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)
Smith, Christopher
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)<br><br>Vice President for Scholarships, University Relations and Research

National Institute of Aerospace
Cotton, Ania
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Support Assistant
(757) 325-6700

Dees, Stacy
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>RASC-AL Program Manager

Ford, Robin
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Coordinator

O'Leary, Victoria
National Institute of Aerospace<br><br>Program Support Specialist/RASC-AL Intern
(757) 325-6926

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Fronczek, Lisa
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Director, SURF
(301) 975-6633

Sweigert, Anita
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Administrator, SURF
(301) 975-6633

Toliver, Brandi
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)<br><br>Director, SURF
(301) 975-2371

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville
Braatz, Jim
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville<br><br>Scientist

North Carolina State University
Ozturk, Mehmet
North Carolina State University<br><br>Education and Diversity Director
(919) 515-5245

Veety, Elena
North Carolina State University<br><br>Assistant Education Director
(919) 513-0178

North Dakota State University
Huang, Ying
North Dakota State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Northwestern University
Connolly, Margaret
Northwestern University<br><br>Outreach Coordinator, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center
(847) 467-4862

Geller, Aaron
Northwestern University<br><br>Astronomer, Director CIERA REU
(847) 467-6233

Oakwood University
Ranatunga, Don
Oakwood University<br><br>Professor, Chemistry
(256) 726-7000 ext. 7116

Ocean Exploration Trust
Cook, Megan
Ocean Exploration Trust<br><br>Community STEM Program Coordinator

Ohio State University
Boghrat, Diane
Ohio State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Old Dominion University
Carter, Chris
Old Dominion University<br><br>Deputy Director, Virginia Space Grant Consortium

Sanford, Tysha
Old Dominion University<br><br>Educational Program Specialist

Yahoodik, Sarah
Old Dominion University<br><br>Research Assistant

Oregon State University
Rahilly, Kristen
Oregon State University<br><br>Director of Education

Pennsylvania State University
Drew, Kirstin
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Teaching Professor
(814) 863-6778

Purdue University
Bescher, Theresa
Purdue University<br><br>Administrative Assistant
765 494-0945

Drummond Oakes, Maeve
Purdue University<br><br>Program Manager

Leavitt, Vicki
Purdue University<br><br>Program Manager

Mason, Linda
Purdue University<br><br>Associate Dean, Graduate School

Rochester Institute of Technology
Dimock, Nancy
Rochester Institute of Technology<br><br>Assistant Director

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Walter, Deborah
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology<br><br>Associate Professor
(812) 877-8658

Salisbury University
Lu, Enyue
Salisbury University<br><br>Associate Professor of Computer Science
(410) 543-6144

Santa Clara University
Gamboa, Lorenzo
Santa Clara University<br><br>Senior Associate Director
(408) 554-5024

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Daly, Sandy
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory<br><br>Administrator

Winter, Henry
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory<br><br>Astrophysicist
(617) 495-7400

Stanford University
Bonini, Barbara
Stanford University<br><br>REU Coordinator

Wang, Adam
Stanford University<br><br>Faculty

State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo
Marshall, Liz
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Graduate Program Coordinator; Senior Assistant for Communications and Research
(716) 829-5219

Rajnarayanan, Rajendram
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Professor
(716) 829-2130

Thomas, Letitia
State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo<br><br>Assistant Vice Provost
(716) 645-3071

State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
McCauley, Jennifer
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook<br><br>Educational Program Manager

Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Li, Hua
Texas A&M University, Kingsville<br><br>Professor
(361) 593-4057

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Bannan, Kate
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)<br><br>Communications and Outreach Manager

U.S. National Park Service
Soto, Limaris (Lima)
U.S. National Park Service<br><br>Program Coordinator
(303) 969-2082

Universities Space Research Association (USRA)
Lochner, James
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)<br><br>Program Manager

Simpson, Taifa
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)<br><br>Program Manager - NASA Postdoctoral Program

Tallent, Jessica
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)<br><br>Program Lead

University of A Coruña
Almécija, Ana
University of A Coruña <br><br>European Project Manager

Villar, Cristina
University of A Coruña <br><br>Program Contact

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Cadenhead, Charita
University of Alabama, Birmingham<br><br>Program Coordinator, School of Natural Science & Mathematics
(205) 975-8076

Vohra, Yogesh
University of Alabama, Birmingham<br><br>Professor, Physics; Director REU Program
(205) 934-6662

University of Alabama, Huntsville
Hamblock, Peter
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>EPSCoR Project Manager

Waller, Dana
University of Alabama, Huntsville<br><br>Outreach Coordinator

University of Arizona
Hennig, Amee
University of Arizona<br><br>Education & Outreach Coordinator, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-8253

Huff MacPherson, Allison
University of Arizona<br><br>Education Director, Center for Integrated Access Networks
(520) 621-0174

Sprinkle, Jonathan
University of Arizona<br><br>Assistant Professor
(520) 626-0737

University of California, Berkeley
Croft, Steve
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Researcher

Isaacson, Howard
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Researcher

Lu, Jessica
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>AstroTech Co-Principal Investigator and Lead Instructor

Marlor, Lea
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Education and Outreach Manager
(510) 664-4882

McIntyre, Nicole
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>EECS Program Director

Reardon, Tiffany
University of California, Berkeley<br><br>Academic Achievement & Diversity Coordinator

University of California, Los Angeles
Herrera, William
University of California, Los Angeles<br><br>Education Coordinator

University of California, San Diego
Duarte, Javier
University of California, San Diego<br><br>Assistant Professor

University of California, Santa Barbara
Ibsen, Wendy
University of California, Santa Barbara<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of California, Santa Cruz
Carrion, Cynthia Nelly
University of California, Santa Cruz<br><br>AstroTech Program Manager

McConnell, Nicholas
University of California, Santa Cruz<br><br>Program Manager
(831) 459-4507

University of Colorado, Boulder
Keister, Ellen
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Director of Education

Schreiner, Sarah
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Program Director

Wright, Terri
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>, Assistant Dean of Access, Inclusion, and Student Programs

Yowell, Janet
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>

University of Delaware
Bothi, Kim
University of Delaware<br><br>Executive Director

Korley, LaShanda
University of Delaware<br><br>Professor
(302) 831-0937

Madanat, Joseph
University of Delaware<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of Florida
Boyer, Brittany
University of Florida<br><br>Program Coordinator

Nazareth, Mike
University of Florida<br><br>Director of Graduate Recruiting in the College of Engineerng

Nunez, Julissa
University of Florida<br><br>Adminstrative Support Assistant

University of Georgia
Mao, Leidong
University of Georgia<br><br>Professor
(706) 542-1871

University of Houston
Pariyothorn, Matthew
University of Houston<br><br>Director, Academic Operations

University of Illinois, Chicago
Chandrasekaran, Ranganathan
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Professor, Information and Decision Sciences
(312) 996-2847

Jones, Steve
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Professor, Communication
(312) 996-3193

Venkatakrishnan, V.N.
University of Illinois, Chicago<br><br>Professor, Computer Science
(312) 996-4860

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Goddard, Lynford
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Prof. of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions

Gritten, Jodi
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Program contact

Krein, Phil
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Program Contact

Muskin, Joseph
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Visiting Education Coordinator
(217) 265-6481

Pena Martin, Pamela
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>REU Coordinator
(217) 300-6699

Tucker, Christina
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Assistant Director of Education

Wang Althaus, Ellen
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Associate Director for Faculty and Staff Engagement, IDEA Institute

University of Kansas
Bode, Claudia
University of Kansas<br><br>Director of Education, Outreach, and Diversity

Leonard, Kevin
University of Kansas<br><br>Associate Professor
785 864 1437

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Goodwyn, Michael
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Selection Process Coordinator

Harmon, Keith
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>MARC U Star Coordinator
(410) 455-1381 or 410-455-3139

Wiggs, Mitsue
University of Maryland, Baltimore County<br><br>Program Coordinator, Meyerhoff Scholarship Program
(410) 455-1380

University of Maryland, College Park
Dickerson, John
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Assistant Professor
(240) 715-2514

Gasarch, William
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Professor, Computer Science

Gezalyan, Auguste
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Graduate Student

Pop, Mihai
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Professor, Director; University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)

University of Michigan
Downey, Jennifer
University of Michigan<br><br>Strategic Initiatives & NextProf Program Manager

Mycek, Mary-Ann
University of Michigan<br><br>Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Education
(734) 647-6851

Saah, Mary
University of Michigan<br><br>Executive Assistant, Office of Student Affairs
(734) 647-7118

Washington, Shira
University of Michigan<br><br>Senior Graduate Recruiting Coordinator
(734) 647-7090

Yalisove, Steven
University of Michigan<br><br>Professor
(734) 764-4346

Zhu, Junjie
University of Michigan<br><br>Professor
(734) 647-7201

University of Minnesota
Engen, Phil
University of Minnesota<br><br>Education & Outreach Coordinator
(612) 626-0798

University of Missouri, Columbia
Arouca, Raquel
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives, Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education

Sarveswaran, Valli
University of Missouri, Columbia<br><br>Director of Postdoctoral Education

University of Montana
Naylor, Jaylene
University of Montana<br><br>

University of New Hampshire
Cahill, Kristin
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Coordinator
(603) 862-1900

Hale, Stephen
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Research Associate

Martell, Samantha
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Internship Coordinator

Minocha, Subhash
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology and Genetics, Dept. of Biological Sciences
(603) 862-3840

Petlon, John
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Internship Coordinator

Shortt, Maria
University of New Hampshire<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of New Mexico
Jimerson, Carol
University of New Mexico<br><br>Program Coordinator

University of Pennsylvania
Bidstrup-Allen, Sue Ann
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Professor

Falcon, Julia
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrator, SUNFEST Program

Field, Kristin
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>NBIC Director of Programs
(215) 746-2488

Johnson, A.T.Charlie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Director: The Nano/Bio Interface Center

Kontos, Despina
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Professor, Radiology

Pulaski, Annie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Administrative Coordinator

Rook, Josie
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Associate Vice Provost for Research

University of Pittsburgh
Cooper, Rory
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Professor, Rehabilitative Science and Technology, Faculty, Assistive Technology IGERT
(412) 365-4831

Ding, Dan
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Professor, Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, Faculty, Sustainability Initiative in Engineering IGERT
(412) 954-5278

Goldberg, Mary
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator, SHRS-Rehab Science & Technology
(412) 822-3693

Madison, Michael
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Professor of Law

Milleville, Maria
University of Pittsburgh<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator
(412) 822-3668

University of Rochester
Hamell , Stephon
University of Rochester<br><br>Assistant Director for College Programs

University of Southern California
Alba, Kathlynn
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative Assistant

Walker, Angela
University of Southern California<br><br>Assistant Director

Welsh, Allison
University of Southern California<br><br>Administrative contact

University of Texas, Austin
Rodriguez, Stephanie
University of Texas, Austin<br><br>Graduate Program Administrator

University of Texas, San Antonio
Nelson, Robin
University of Texas, San Antonio<br><br>Education Specialist

Vielma, Karina
University of Texas, San Antonio<br><br>Research Fellow/Education and Outreach Specialist

University of Virginia
Morgan, Kristin
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Director VA-NV LSAMP
(434) 243-3660

Walker, Maurice
University of Virginia<br><br>Program Coordinator
(434) 982-4552

University of Washington
Arnette, Christopher
University of Washington<br><br>Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

De Yoreo, James
University of Washington<br><br>Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering

Gamelin, Daniel
University of Washington<br><br>Director, MEMC

Hsu, Shih-Chieh
University of Washington<br><br>Professor

Li, Xiaosong
University of Washington<br><br>Boand Endowed Professor of Chemistry

Taylor, Shaun
University of Washington<br><br>Director of Education and Human Resource Development

University of Waterloo
Kovacevic, Lana
University of Waterloo<br><br>Operations and Events Coordinator

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Hackel, Denny
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Scientific Instrumentation Integration Engineer

Postle, Brad
University of Wisconsin, Madison<br><br>Director
(608) 262-4330

Vanderbilt University
McCabe, Clare
Vanderbilt University<br><br>Professor, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
(615) 322-6853

McCord, Alisha
Vanderbilt University<br><br>Program Assistant

Villanova University
Coleman, Linda
Villanova University<br><br>Assoc Directir for Multicultural Affairs
(610) 519-4074

Jones, Stephen
Villanova University<br><br>Associate Dean-Student & Strategic Programs (grades 9-12)
(610) 519-5439

Virginia Space Grant Consortium
Bellows, Scott
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Technical Programs Coordinator

Brown, Melissa
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Program Manager

Shaw, Nicole
Virginia Space Grant Consortium<br><br>Program Manager

Washington State University
Sankaran, Sindhuja
Washington State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP)
Fabiano, Janell
Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) <br><br>Fellowship Committee Chair

Morinini, Lisa
Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) <br><br>Executive Director

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Deskins, Aaron
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Associate Professor

Mattson, Anita
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Professor

Onal, Cagdas
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Associate Professor of Robotics

Pratap, Rao
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Rundensteiner, Elke
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Data Science Program Director

Xiao, Jing
Worcester Polytechnic Institute<br><br>Professor, Dept. Head