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Crop & Soil Sciences

Summer camps, research internships, REU programs, scholarships, fellowships, and postdoctoral positions in Crop & Soil Sciences. Can't find what you are looking for? Try our advanced search.

Contacts associated with programs in Crop & Soil Sciences

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Contacts by alphabetical listing
Arizona State University
Larson, Jean
Arizona State University<br><br>Education Coordinator
(480) 965-7804

Cornell University
Sickler, Delanie
Cornell University<br><br>Education and Outreach Coordinator

Harvard University
Clem, James
Harvard University<br><br>Managing Director

Hanrahan, Laura
Harvard University<br><br>Communications Coordinator

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Huber, Tanja
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis<br><br>YSSP Coordinator

Iowa State University
Campbell, Alexis
Iowa State University<br><br>Director Science Bound & AgDiscovery

Lidtke, Cynthia
Iowa State University<br><br>Program Coordinator

Manahl, Michael
Iowa State University<br><br>AgDiscovery Program Manager (USDA)

Ryan, Sarah
Iowa State University<br><br>Lead PI

Kansas State University
Dille, Anita
Kansas State University<br><br>Professor

Menon, Sailesh
Kansas State University<br><br>Program Manager

Rice, Charles
Kansas State University<br><br>University Distinguished Professor

Marquette University
Mayer, Brooke
Marquette University<br><br>Associate Professor

Michigan State University
Barry, Cornelius
Michigan State University<br><br>Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture
(517) 884-6959

Particka, Chrislyn
Michigan State University<br><br>Research Coordinator

Pearson, Gwen
Michigan State University<br><br>Assistant Director for Education and Outreach
(517) 353-1789

Michigan Technological University
Bowman, Luke
Michigan Technological University<br><br>Research Assistant Professor

Morton Arboretum
Alvarez-Clare, Silvia
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Academic Mentor for Undergraduate Research

Bechtoldt, Cathy
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Science and Conservation Program Manager

Cannon, Charles
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Director, Center for Tree Science

Carrier, Christine
Morton Arboretum<br><br>Research Assistant

NASA Ames Research Center
Biggs, Brenna
NASA Ames Research Center<br><br>Program Manager

Schaller, Emily
NASA Ames Research Center<br><br>NASA Airborne Science Program
(701) 317-0789

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Adams, Amanda (Manda)
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program Director
(703) 292-8521

Belmecheri, Soumaya
National Science Foundation (NSF)<br><br>Program contact for Post Doc
703) 292-8527

North Carolina State University
Brown, Zachary
North Carolina State University<br><br>Co-PI, Assist. Professor

Cuchiara, Maude
North Carolina State University<br><br>Managing Director

Duckworth, Owen
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor, crop and soil science

Gould, Fred
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor, Agriculture
(919) 515-1647

Heitman, Josh
North Carolina State University<br><br>Professor, Soil Science
(919) 513-1593

North Dakota State University
Huang, Ying
North Dakota State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Parkland College
Carlson, Britt
Parkland College<br><br>Associate Professor of Chemistry

Pennsylvania State University
Reed, Cindy
Pennsylvania State University<br><br>Assistant Director, Student Research and Graduate Equity

Saint Michael's College
Roberge, Janel
Saint Michael's College<br><br>Operations Manager
(802) 654-3271

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
Gustafson, Dan
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)<br><br>Academic Appointment Coordinator
(443) 482-2217

Stanford University
Carrillo, Lupe
Stanford University<br><br>, Director of DEI at Stanford Earth
(650) 724-6250

Texas A&M University
Bryk, Mary
Texas A&M University<br><br>Professor, Biochemistry
(979) 845-6257

Coates, Craig
Texas A&M University<br><br>Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence

Fares, Ali
Texas A&M University<br><br>Professor of Water Security

Gerlich, Ryan
Texas A&M University<br><br>Extension Program Specialist

Jantrania, Anish
Texas A&M University<br><br>Associate Professor/Extension Specialist

Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Li, Hua
Texas A&M University, Kingsville<br><br>Professor
(361) 593-4057

Tuskegee University
Bolden-Tiller, Olga
Tuskegee University<br><br>Dean - College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences
(334) 727-8403

Essamuah-Quansah, Joseph
Tuskegee University<br><br>Associate Professor, Program Director

Farid, Rashidah
Tuskegee University<br><br>Research Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology

Hooks, Marilyn
Tuskegee University<br><br>Program Director
(334) 727-8453

Williams, Tiffani
Tuskegee University<br><br>Program Assistant
(334) 727-8453

University of Arizona
Arnold, Betsy
University of Arizona<br><br>Director

Bonine, Kevin
University of Arizona<br><br>Director, Education-Outreach
(520) 621-0232

Dontsova, Katerina
University of Arizona<br><br>Associate Professor
(601) 868-0279

Ingram, Heather
University of Arizona<br><br>Program Manager

Lindsey, Marti
University of Arizona<br><br>Co-Director

Saleska, Scott
University of Arizona<br><br>Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Colorado, Boulder
Gold, Anne
University of Colorado, Boulder<br><br>Director of RECCS

University of Delaware
Benson, Eric
University of Delaware<br><br>Professor

Parcells, Mark
University of Delaware<br><br>Professor

University of Georgia
Milewski, Adam
University of Georgia<br><br>Professor

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Schroeder, Nathan
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Assistant Professor

Tucker, Christina
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Assistant Director of Education

Young, Celine
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign<br><br>Managing Director

University of Kentucky
Fryar, Alan
University of Kentucky<br><br>Professor

University of Maine
Teisl, Mario
University of Maine<br><br>Professor, Economics
(207) 581-3162

University of Maryland, College Park
Cooper, Evelyn
University of Maryland, College Park<br><br>Assistant Dean & Director

University of Minnesota
Brakke, Mary
University of Minnesota<br><br>Assistant Teaching Professor
612 625 1151

University of Pennsylvania
Bidstrup-Allen, Sue Ann
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Professor

Francis, Zephi
University of Pennsylvania<br><br>Workforce Development Coordinator

University of Toledo
Lohner, Rachel
University of Toledo<br><br>Operations Manager
(419) 530-8364

Washington State University
Sankaran, Sindhuja
Washington State University<br><br>Associate Professor

Western Illinois University
Kinzel, Anne
Western Illinois University<br><br>Program Manager
515 554 6021

Phippen, Winthrop
Western Illinois University<br><br>Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics