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STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in Arts.

Contacts associated with programs in Arts

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Adkinson, Kimberly
University of California, Berkeley
Program Manager, President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, UC Office of the President
(510) 643-8235
Anderson-Thompkins, Sibby
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs
(919) 962-9982
Baker, Stephanie
University of New Mexico
Program Manager
Bergman, Nicole
Princeton University
Program Manager
Beuning, Penny
Northeastern University
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Evans, Bianca
Indiana University, Bloomington
Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Hagman, Aleta
Northwestern University
Education & Outreach Coordinator
(847) 467-0470
Kenney, Kathleen
Northeastern University
Program Coordinator ADVANCE
(716) 373-4259
Orta, Monica
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Assist Director, Diversity Initiatives & Summer Research Program
(617) 253-4846
Pearlstein, Ellen
University of California, Los Angeles
Pruitt, Jennifer
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Program Coordinator
(919) 962-9982
Rinehart, Jan
Northeastern University
Executive Director ADVANCE Program
(617) 373-5061
Vellanoweth, Lalena
University of California, Los Angeles
Program Manager
Walton, Marc
Northwestern University
Research Professor of Materials Science
West, Michael
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Assistant Professor, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department
(605) 394-1283
Yoder, Amber
University of Nevada, Reno
Natural Resources Administrator
(775) 784-8262