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The purpose of website is to promote education and career opportunities in the STEM fields to students, with an emphasis on reaching members of underrepresented groups. The types of content we post include program information, fellowship opportunities, profiles, news items, events/conferences, fellowship opportunities and resource links. Details of the types of content we post are available below:


The primary focus of is to promote funded STEM education, research and professional development opportunities to our website's diverse student audience. During peak times during the academic year, our website receives over 130,000 visitors per months. We post PAID opportunities which include programs with stipends, fellowships, scholarships, travel assistance, tuition and conference fee waivers, etc. for students at the K-12 through Post Doctoral level. Student opportunities we currently post include programs funded by NSF, NIH, NASA, NOAA, universities, professional associations or private organizations. There is no fee or cost for posting programs on

If your opportunity is a funded program in STEM, and/or has a diversity focus, then it is likely that we can post your information to our site and you can use our program form to post your program.

Unfortunately, we often have more requests for links on our site than we can currently accommodate. We regret that we are unable to post links to general university departments, to resources that are too narrow in focus or too institution-specific for our national audience, to comprehensive university and college search directories, or to other web resources that lack a STEM or diversity focus.

Example of Program Opportunities we DO post include:
  • PAID summer research opportunities for undergrads, K-12 educators, or graduate students
  • PAID Post Bacc fellowship opportunity
  • Fellowship or Scholarship opportunity for graduate studies
  • PAID Post Doctoral Positions
  • Programs with a Minority or Women In STEM focus
Example of Program Opportunities we DO NOT post include:
  • Programs with tuition (ex. University summer courses)*
  • University or departmental webpages
  • General University specific grad funding information (TA/RA positions)
  • Programs that are too narrow in focus or institution specific (ex. require enrollment at a particular university or department)
  • Comprehensive university and college search directories
  • Programs that lack a STEM or diversity focus
* An exception may be made if a generous scholarship is available. Information about scholarship funding, such as amount of funding and number of awards available, must be submitted with the program listing.

Do you still have questions about whether your program is a fit for Contact Cynthia Charles.


IBP includes dates (such as application deadlines, and program start/end dates) in its opportunity listings on PathwaysToScience.orgas a means to assist with student planning. When an opportunity deadline has passed, we do not automatically delete listings from the website. The majority of programs maintain a similar program cycle (including application deadlines) year after year. Even when programs have not posted next year's application deadlines, students may use last year's deadline information to anticipate future application deadlines and opportunity dates.

Furthermore, is a tool to help students plan their academic and career pathway. In July, we want students to have the ability to browse all the summer opportunity listings, even though those programs are already filled and are currently in process, because this allows a student to get inspired and explore what type of opportunity they may want to pursue for the following summer.

Program postings and updates are accepted for opportunity listings on an ongoing basis through the year via our program update form. We strive to review and update all program listings every 12 months. We do not consider a program opportunity to be outdated unless is more than one year old.

If you are interested in a Summer Research Opportunity, please note that most summer programs announce their application deadlines in November. Deadlines are typically December - February.

If you are interested in Graduate Fellowships, please note that most fellowship programs announce their application deadlines in early fall. Deadlines are typically mid fall through early spring.

If you are interested in a program and would like IBP assistance in contacting that program about its application cycle, please contact us at


We post profiles of students (at both the undergraduate and graduate level), postdocs, faculty, scientists and administrators in the STEM fields. We are particularly interested in profiles with a diversity focus -- profiles highlighting students from underrepresented groups and faculty/admin leaders who support diversity in the STEM.

Profiles include pictures and biographical text, and note an individual's level of study, institution affiliation, program affiliation, resume, and links to a personal website and/or video etc. Individuals may use their pathways to science profile as platform to promote themselves professionally on the Internet. Additionally, IBP has found that online profiles are helpful for prospective students to envision themselves pursuing an education or career in STEM. Profiles highlighting STEM diversity leaders also provide an opportunity for faculty members to become familiar with successful STEM mentors around the country, and for students to identify potential mentors.

Individuals submit profile information using IBP's profile form. All profile form submissions are reviewed by IBP staff and posted within two weeks. At any time an individual may request to have their profile removed from by emailing


For news items, we post links to stories, articles and press releases highlighting STEM diversity successes. News items may include noteworthy items at the national, state, institution, program or individual level. We typically do not post program application sessions or deadlines as news items or events. Click here to post news items.

For events, we post links to STEM and diversity related conferences, symposia, workshops, annual meetings, institutes, and career exploration events. Posted events generally need to be of interest to our targeted audience at the national, regional or programmatic level. We welcome event submissions for virtual events such as webinars! Regretfully, however, we are unable to post links that are too geographically limited in scope for our national audience. Click here to post events.

We regret that we are unable to post either event or news items that are too narrow in focus or too institution-specific for our national audience. Priority is given to events and news content with a STEM and/or diversity focus.


For diversity references, we post links to an annotated, discretionary list of peer reviewed research results and significant reports. To submit a diversity reference for posting on, please send link or PDF of the resource, a full citation, and a description of the resource and why it would be a valuable resource to others working to broaden participation in STEM to Cynthia Charles for review by IBP's Diversity References review panel.


The primary focus of is content that fits into the content categories of programs, profiles, news, events and diversity references. In instances when we encounter useful websites that support IBP's work to increase diversity in the STEM workforce yet do not fit within the context of our content templates, we post and highlight these URLs as "featured links" in the "Resource Library" on Generally the "featured links" that we post highlight initiatives with a STEM and diversity focus that do not fit within another area on our website. We receive more requests for links than we can accommodate while maintaining the targeted scope of so all link requests are subject to review by IBP staff. If you would like to submit a "featured link" please email Cynthia Charles with the link and a brief explanation of why it might be valuable to

Please with any questions.

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