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General Medical & Life Sciences

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in General Medical & Life Sciences.

Contacts associated with programs in General Medical & Life Sciences

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Adams, Paula
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Administrative Coordinator
(402) 472-3173
Adkinson, Kimberly
University of California, Berkeley
Program Manager, President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, UC Office of the President
(510) 643-8235
Baker, Jeff
University of Virginia
Program Administrator, Summer Research Internship Program
Bhanu, Bir
University of California, Riverside
Professor, Electrical Engineering
(951) 827-2918
Blockus, Linda
University of Missouri, Columbia
Director, Undergraduate Research
(573) 882-5979
Bryant, Diana
University of Iowa
Program Coordinator, SROP/McNair Program
(319) 335-2148
Campbell, Ashley
University of Rochester
Director of Diversity Programming
Cisek, Karen
University of North Dakota
Program Coordinator
(701) 777-6377
Claiborne, James
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL)
Faculty, Biology
(912) 681-5496
Clark, Julia
University of California, San Francisco
outreach and student programs coord
de Coteau, Michele
University of California, San Francisco
asst dean of academic affairs and outreach
DiRenzo, Susan
Life Sciences Research Foundation
Assistant Director
Domingo, Carmen
San Francisco State University
Professor of Biology
(415) 338-6995
Doze, Van
University of North Dakota
Associate Professor, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics
(701) 777-6222
Emig, Anne
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Program Director-EAPSI, GROW
(703) 292-7241
Erenrich, Evelyn
Rutgers University
Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Retention
(848) 932-9286
Fenton, Mary
University of New Mexico
Admissions Coordinator
Gabbard, Marveline
American Indian Graduate Center
Program Associate for Graduate Fellowships
(505) 881-4584
Glustrom, Eric
Watson University
Founder & President of Social Entrepreneurs Program
Green, Vanessa
Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction
Director for Higher Education and Diversity
(503) 748-1609
Gumpertz, Marcia
North Carolina State University
Interim Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Professor of Statistics
(919) 515-7826
Haynes, Kyle
University of Virginia
Associate Director, Blandy Experimental Farm
(540) 837-1758 x292
Henne, Kristene
Argonne National Laboratory
Postdoctoral Program Coordinator
Hernandez, Mark
University of Colorado, Boulder
AGEP PI; Professor of Civil Engineering
(303) 492-5991
Hillenburg, Elena
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Program Specialist
(703) 292-2993
Imai, Laura
University of California, Berkeley
Student Advisor
Juliussen, Evelyn
University of Minnesota
Program Coordinator, LSSURP
(612) 624-6728
Kavallieratos, Konstantinos
Florida International University
(305) 348-6034
Ketterson, Ellen
Indiana University, Bloomington
Professor, Biology and Gender Studies
(812) 855-6837
Kirven-Brooks, Melissa
NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Astrobiology Program Admin
650) 604-0498
Kisailus, Adam
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Program Director, Department of Educational Affairs
Kneller, Beth
American Museum of Natural History
Director of Admissions
(212) 769-5143
Kraus, Barbara
University of Colorado, Boulder
Project Manager, AGEP
(303) 492-5779
Lamm, Monica
Iowa State University
(515) 294-6533
Laybourn, Paul
Colorado State University
Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
(970) 491-5100
Limon, Monique
University of California, Santa Barbara
Director of McNair Program
(805) 893-3710
Linhart, Jean
Central Washington University
(509) 963-2123
Lopez, Dawn
Rutgers University
Program Coordinator
(848) 932-6584
Lovell, Benjamin
University of Rochester
Program Manager
(585) 275-2933
Lozano-Lewis, Lissette
Florida International University
Program Coordinator
(305) 348-6986
Marquette, Michele
University of Texas Medical Branch
Program Manager, Science Education
(409) 772-9118
Maza, Anne
National Academy of Sciences
program director
McKernan, Michael
Jackson Laboratory
Program Director, STEM and Undergrad Education
(207) 288-6806
Merchant, Juanita
University of Michigan
Professor of Internal Medicine
(734) 936-6365
Miksovska, Jaroslava
Florida International University
Associate Professor
(305) 348-7406
Millard, Ronald
University of Cincinnati
Professor, Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics, PI, Bio-Applications of Membrane Science and Technology, Professor of Pharmacology
(513) 558-2336
Morgan, Garry
North Carolina State University
Diversity Programs Assistant
Morgan, Micaela
University of California, Santa Barbara
Program Coordinator
Nobles, Felisa
Harvard University
Outreach Manager
(614) 432-1498
Osiname, Ellis
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Workforce Development Specialist
(770) 488-1788
Paul, Kimberlie
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Program Manager
Pearl, Dennis
Ohio State University
(614) 292-3887
Quintana, Ken
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
DePuty Director/Strategic Programs
(770) 488-1482
Rabin, Laura
City University of New York (CUNY), Brooklyn College
(718) 951-5601
Rivas, Perla
California State University, San Marcos
Student Academic Advisor and Coordinator
Rodgers, Victor
University of California, Riverside
Professor, Bioengineering
(951) 827-6241
Rogers, Sherry
University of New Mexico
Rossett, Tracey
Argonne National Laboratory
Director, Human Resources Division
(630) 252-2962
Schlick, Megan
University of Minnesota
SIBS Program Coordinator
(612) 625-5451
Seibel, Jane
Dartmouth College
ASURE Program Director
(603) 646-8193
Sickler, Delanie
Cornell University
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Sleeth, Jessica
University of Maine
(207) 581-1431
Sperzel, Toni
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Program Coordinator
(631) 632-9560
Spitsbergen, John
Western Michigan University
Professor & Chair
(269) 387-5648
Stapleton, Susan
Western Michigan University
Dean, Graduate College
(616) 387-2853
Sterling, James
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
Postdoctoral Residency Program Coordinator
Stone, Julie
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Summers, Linda
Indiana University, Bloomington
Administrative Assistant/Program Manager
(812) 855-9663
Talbot, Prudence
University of California, Riverside
Professor, Cell Biology
(951) 827-3768
Thompson, Janaya
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Senior Project Administrator
Thorngren, Alex
Dartmouth College
MD-PhD Program Operations Director
Tigno, Xenia
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Program Director- Airway Biology and Disease
(301) 435-0202
Tsotras, Vassilis
University of California, Riverside
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Weisblat, David
University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
(510) 642-6000
Williams, Ramik
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Program Assistant for Recruitment
Yang, Zhenbiao
University of California, Riverside
Professor, Cell Biology
(951) 827-7351

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