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General Math & Computational Sciences

STEM programs, research opportunities, and contacts in General Math & Computational Sciences.

Contacts associated with programs in General Math & Computational Sciences

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Adkinson, Kimberly
University of California, Berkeley
Program Manager, President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, UC Office of the President
(510) 643-8235
Austin, Meg
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
Director, VSP
(303) 497-8649
Barschdorf, Marissa
Williams College
Administrative Assistant
Biaz, Saad
Auburn University
Professor, Computer Science
(334) 844-6307
Bryant, Diana
University of Iowa
Program Coordinator, SROP/McNair Program
(319) 335-2148
Bryce, Renee
University of North Texas, Denton
Burcin, Rachel
Carnegie Mellon University
Global Programs Manager
412 268 4272
Creteur, Kim
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Admissions & Recruitment Manager
(516) 367-6909
Diaz Vazquez, Arnaldo
University of Pennsylvania
Associate Director, Recruitment and Special Programs
Emig, Anne
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Program Director-EAPSI, GROW
(703) 292-7241
Foisy, Joel
State University of New York (SUNY), Potsdam
Professor & Chair
(315) 267-2084
Frierson, Johnna
Duke University
Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering
Fronczek, Lisa
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Director, SURF
(301) 975-6633
Gabbard, Marveline
American Indian Graduate Center
Program Associate for Graduate Fellowships
(505) 881-4584
Gumpertz, Marcia
North Carolina State University
Interim Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Professor of Statistics
(919) 515-7826
Henne, Kristene
Argonne National Laboratory
Postdoctoral Program Coordinator
Hernandez, Mark
University of Colorado, Boulder
AGEP PI; Professor of Civil Engineering
(303) 492-5991
Hillenburg, Elena
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Program Specialist
(703) 292-2993
Imai, Laura
University of California, Berkeley
Student Advisor
Jacobs, Patricia
Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Associate Director
(919) 530-1911
Kannappan, Sheila
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
(919) 962-3486
Kraus, Barbara
University of Colorado, Boulder
Project Manager, AGEP
(303) 492-5779
Lawrence, Karen
University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education
(215) 898-1842
Limon, Monique
University of California, Santa Barbara
Director of McNair Program
(805) 893-3710
Linhart, Jean
Central Washington University
(509) 963-2123
Loft, Rich
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
SIParCS Program Director
Lu, Enyue
Salisbury University
Associate Professor of Computer Science
(410) 543-6144
Maza, Anne
National Academy of Sciences
program director
Miller, Steven
Williams College
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Moreno, Juana
Louisiana State University
Professor, Physics
(225) 578-7586
Morgan, Garry
North Carolina State University
Diversity Programs Assistant
Morgan, Micaela
University of California, Santa Barbara
Program Coordinator
Panoff, Robert
Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Executive Director
(919) 530-1911
Pearl, Dennis
Ohio State University
(614) 292-3887
Ponomarenko, Vadim
San Diego State University
Professor, Mathematics, PI of Mathematics REUT
(619) 594-6176
Rawls, Carmen
Duke University
Principal Investigator, Assistant Dean of Advising/Outreach
Rea, Patricia
University of Pennsylvania
Associate Director for Admissions, Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences
(215) 898-8101
Rivas, Perla
California State University, San Marcos
Student Academic Advisor and Coordinator
Rossett, Tracey
Argonne National Laboratory
Director, Human Resources Division
(630) 252-2962
Shapiro Key, Joey
University of Texas, Brownsville
Director of Education and Outreach
Sills, Jane
University of Connecticut Health Center
Administrative Fiscal Assistant
Silva, Cesar
Williams College
Professor of Mathematics
Sperzel, Toni
State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook
Program Coordinator
(631) 632-9560
Sprinkle, Jonathan
University of Arizona
Assistant Professor
(520) 626-0737
Stone, Robert
University of Texas, Brownsville
REU Director
Strichartz, Robert
Cornell University
Professor, Mathematics
(607) 255-3509
Sweigert, Anita
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Administrator, SURF
(301) 975-6633
Swisher, Holly
Oregon State University
Professor, Mathematics
(541) 737-4933
Thompson, Janaya
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Senior Project Administrator
Traxler, Kathy
Louisiana State University
Education, Outreach, and Training at CCT
(225) 578-8932
Whitney, Mary
National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center
Business Coordinator
Williams, Ramik
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Program Assistant for Recruitment
Zakas, Anne
University of Notre Dame
Education Outreach Staff
(574) 631-2789

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